To Hopeful Girls on Valentine’s Day: Boys Are Oblivious

samwithturkeylegMoms, tell your daughters this for me. If they are in grade school (or watch TV commercials) they may start to have romantic notions about Valentine’s Day. I certainly did.

Every year I eagerly anticipated Valentine’s Day and hoped a boy (any boy, really) would give me something special. Every year I was disappointed. Your daughters will be, too. And here’s why. For boys, Valentine’s Day is not about love—It’s about candy.

I never knew this until I had sons of my own. I never had brothers, so I had no idea that boys were so oblivious. They don’t think about girls as much as girls think about boys. Because I never got any special valentines, I thought no boys liked me. And they didn’t! But that’s OK. They would later.

I have a 15-year-old son and a 10-year-old son and I can NOT BELIEVE I was ever in love with 12-year-old boys when I was 12 and—more than that—I expected them to reciprocate. This notion horrifies me now. You mean, those boys I fantasized about marrying had just started to wear deodorant and still watched cartoons like, every day?

It’s so weird that every year I hoped to get a Valentine. It was disappointing then, but now I know that boys just don’t do that or think like that. They are completely oblivious. It would have made me feel better to know that when I was a kid. I’m sure there is someone—probably someone very nice—who is in love with my son and thinks that maybe he will give her a special valentine. He won’t. I hope she has brothers and understands but if she doesn’t, here’s what I would tell her: Don’t take it personally.

Maybe there are some romantic little dudes out there. Maybe your daughter will get roses or a sweet note. But if she does, I’d be worried its from an oversexed boy who watches way too much TV. I’m just saying. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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