Today I Understand Those Honor Roll Stickers

I will admit, in my twenties, I thought those

“My Kid is on the Honor Roll”

stickers were ridiculous. Why advertise that your kid is better than everyone else’s kid? I mean…come on already.

During those childless years, I may or may not have had a sticker on my car that said,

“My kid beat up your honor roll student”

which all of my friends and I found hilarious.

We clearly didn’t have kids.

Fast forward to years later when my children were actually in school. I still promised myself that I wouldn’t get caught up in all of that competitiveness about whose kid was the smartest. But it happens.

Then, last Friday class awards came around. I figured that my average student (which I am actually ok with) would get class clown or something fitting like that.

It had been a rough year beginning with homework sessions of three plus hours per night that ended with one or both of us crying. He wasn’t struggling and I couldn’t help him. But that didn’t stop my husband and I from trying.

He tested lower than his grade level and although it was not a huge cause for concern because it was the beginning of the school year, we quickly realized he needed help. This had been an ongoing pattern that we really hurt him this year if we didn’t address it.

My son has trouble processing and then following directions. He was unorganized and his brain needed a little re-training to do things the right way.

We needed to have him tested further so we sought a place outside of the school that could possibly help us and get us a good plan in place. We found this place almost by accident but knew they could help our son after the first visit.

So a little over eight months ago, he started one-on-one training sessions with a trainer. We would go four days per week for one hour and fifteen minutes each time. It was a huge time commitment for our entire family. Our lives have changed and they now revolve around my son who needs help in a little office where my daughters play in a tiny playroom while I attempt to get some work done a few feet away.

I am not going to lie. It is tough. It is hard to schedule a lot of activities. However, over this past year I have watched something wonderful happen to my son.

Things started to click. He became more organized. Homework time dropped to less than 45 minutes per night and on most nights, he didn’t quite spend a half hour doing it.

His confidence grew. His handwriting improved. He started to love reading a little more. He became more engaged in pretty much everything.

We were happy and that school stuff didn’t matter because I knew that he would be advancing to the next grade with confidence. Frankly, I didn’t care what his final grades were because I knew that he advanced tremendously during the year no matter what.

Friday was his class awards ceremony. My husband and I were sitting there when they started calling the honor roll. I knew his name wouldn’t be called but I thought to myself it didn’t matter. He had been through so much. It didn’t matter.

All of sudden, to my shock, he was called last. His name was called last to get his honor roll certificate. I busted out crying. I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t believe it. it. In fact, I didn’t quite believe it at first.

I saw his first set of grades, his school testing results and then we enrolled him the training ASAP. He not only brought those grades up but he made the honor roll.

On Friday,  I wanted a sticker. My son earned that sticker.  I would have covered my car in them. That day and pretty much every from now on,  I will shout to tell everyone who will listen,


That’s my kid up there in the middle

He worked so hard. He definitely earned that certificate.

Today I learned a lesson. Oh and today (and I promise every day from now on), I will be happy for your kid being on the honor roll too.

Today I get it.

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