Today is My Birthday: How to Turn 40

I don’t know much about being 40 yet, but with my 30s behind me I’ve learned a few things and set some ground rules for navigating your 20s and 30s.


Click through for my 10 rules.


  • Make Your Bed 1 of 10
    Make Your Bed
    Every day. Just do it. It's good. You'll feel cleaner and more organized and like a grown up. I've been doing if for years! I feel gross until that bed gets made.
  • Paint Your Toenails 2 of 10
    Paint Your Toenails
    Hands should be respectable. Toes can be fun. If my toes aren't painted my feet look straight up like old lady feet, which they are. Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance! Photo Source
  • Wear Skirts to the Knee 3 of 10
    Wear Skirts to the Knee
    I guess you can do whatever you feel like you're getting away with, but it's probably best, most of the time to go knee-length or just a little bit above the knee. You know--ladylike and all. And please calculate for sitting down in that skirt! Photo Source
  • Have a Signature Scent 4 of 10
    Have a Signature Scent
    How do I put this. You should have a signature scent. . . that isn't baby spit up or body odor. You can do this. It's time. Here's mine.
  • Be Classy 5 of 10
    Be Classy
    You're not a mean girl and this isn't high school. Save that nasty blog comment to talk about at lunch with your real friends!
  • Have Real Friends 6 of 10
    Have Real Friends
    Do find some real friends to go to lunch with from time to time. You'll be glad you did. Don't get me wrong, I met a lot of my friends online--but we make an effort to get together IRL and it's definitely worth it. Go ahead. Farmville will still be there when you get back--I promise!
  • Don’t Eat Gross Candy 7 of 10
    Don't Eat Gross Candy
    Only eat the candy and dessert you love. You're a grown woman for Pete's sake! My kids have been handing me Sour Patch kids and Smarties for years and I've been mindlessly eating them. It's time to put an end to that nonsense.
  • Stop Doing Insignificant Things You Hate 8 of 10
    Stop Doing Insignificant Things You Hate
    For me it's answering the phone. Life's too short. Simplify. You don't have to bring treats to every class party and valentines don't always have to be handmade so stop stressing yourself out. Just stop it.
  • Do Significant Things Even if They’re Hard 9 of 10
    Do Significant Things Even if They're Hard
    But you're not of the hook yet! Be intentional. Do hard things if they matter. At age 40 you need to figure out what's worth doing with all your might and what's not worth getting out of bed for. Photo Source
  • Read All the Time 10 of 10
    Read All the Time
    As often as you can get away with it, read. It keeps you smart, helps you stay relevant, and it will make you happy.

So much for my 30s. They’re a thing of the past. Anyone want to give me a heads up for my 40s?

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