Toilet Paper Placement: Under or Over?

I’m sorry, but I can’t take it for one more minute.

I am a woman of very strong principles and one of those principles is that the toilet paper roll must be inserted in a way that the toilet paper rolls under.

Not hangs over.

Because that is the way that the Good Lord intended it and also it’s in our Constitution. Or should be, if our forefathers had any sense.

Unfortunately I am married to someone who does not take the supremacy of the under-hanging-toilet paper to be a self-evident truth. I am married to someone who claims not to give a crap about how the toilet paper hangs and doesn’t see one way as inherently better than the other.

At first I thought, “Great! That means that I’ll always get my way.” Unfortunately that has not panned out for me. Because on the rare occasion that the toilet paper roll actually gets replaced, as opposed to gets to relax on the sink ledge, it’s in the wrong way. With the paper hanging over.

Why would a rational person choose to put it that way, when over is obviously very bad.

I think that many people have been programmed to accept the “over” method because that is how most hotels do it. But does that make it right? Do you also put a mint on your pillow because that’s how the hotels do it? Since when did we decide to let the hospitality industry dictate our lives?

I prefer “under” because it is easier to tear off the sheets. And because it looks better. The toilet paper sheets are there, ready to be torn. Which is what they were born to look like.

Incidentally, reportedly Ann Landers said that the issue of toilet paper placement was the most controversial one in her column’s history, getting thousands letters from readers. Like FIFTEEN THOUSAND. And that was in the days before e-mail, so we’re talking pen to paper, envelope and stamp type of letters.

People are passionate about toilet paper.  Are you?

Do you have toilet paper placement preference?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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