10 Things I Hate About (Raising) You

Yes, yes. We love our kids. We do not regret having them. They give life meaning and bring us joy. Of course! But we’re so secure in our parentality that we can talk about the parts we hate, can’t we? Let’s commiserate.

10. Loading the Pez Dispenser (It’s the worst!)

9. Holding Garbage (Being the depository for wrappers, old gum, and other cast-offs does nothing for my self-esteem)

8. Bare Hugs (Hey, it happens–toddler gets an owie when mommy is getting dressed–but we don’t have to like it)

7. Dinner (Every night! Even if I just made it last night?)

6. Setting “Goals” at Parent Teacher Conferences (How long are we going to keep up this charade?)

5.  The Candor of Children (Even the rudest adult I know doesn’t tell me I have “a little bit fat of a bum”)

4. Peeling Undies out of Inside-Out Pants

3. When You Throw Back Your Head and Hit Me in the Face (Painful AND Infuriating)

2. Eating Gross Breakfasts in Bed that You Bring Me (Is it the thought that counts, really?)

1. Feces (Just, any kind)

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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