Trick or Beep: The Best Truck Halloween Costume

About a month ago, I asked Harry what he wanted to be for Halloween. He has various interests and I knew his answer could be anything from Iron Man to Twilight Sparkle. There’s just no telling with this kid. I wasn’t overly surprised when he said, “A truck!” without hesitation, but I was immediately filled with dread. How the heck would I pull that off? I immediately ran to Pinterest and came up with some amazing, incredible, darling homemade costumes that seemed do-able. But I knew my picky kid would never wear a cardboard box willingly. Thankfully, I remembered that two years ago my mother-in-law dropped off two Halloween costumes Mater from Cars and Chuck from Chuck the Truck. She found them on post-Halloween clearance and they were about 3 sizes too big. But I kept the costumes in his closet for future dress-up. Imagine my delight when I pulled them out to find they were 4T (his current size!) and he was thrilled with both. Score one for the mother-in-law team! So I think we are set for Halloween, but here are the other truck Halloween costume ideas I considered:

  • Fire truck 1 of 6

    This fire truck is made from a cardboard box, foam wreath forms, and miniature picket fences. The detail is incredible and the entire family got involved as a fireman and Dalmatian. Seriously, you must click over and see the entire ensemble. My hats off to this mom!

    source: wildinkpress.com

  • Garbage truck 2 of 6

    This is AH-mazing.  Seriously, I look at the detail on this and I am blown away it looks just like the real deal. I think this would be easy to replicate (read: time-consuming) on a low-detail level with a cardboard box and green paint and printing off the logo. I don't think I'd try such intricate detail for a four-year-old costume, but it is very cool.

    source: costumepop.com

  • Ice cream truck 3 of 6

    Raise your hand if you now have weird Christmas music playing in your head with visions of summer!  This one is made from fabric (heavy weight) and the mom custom embroidered all the logos. Incredible, right? She has a great tutorial on how to use fabric instead of cardboard!

    source: craftser.org

  • Monster truck 4 of 6

    My kiddo LOVES pickup trucks. I think this could be tricked out a little more to be a true monster truck, but toning it down a bit could turn it into your basic Ford F150.  Very cool for a basic truck same idea with cardboard and wreath form!

    source: fox and maus blog

  • Firetruck (For Those Who Get Tired) 5 of 6

    This would be amazing with a younger sibling as the dalmatian (like the picture above!). Take a wagon or stroller and turn that into the truck, that way when the kiddo gets tired, he can hop in and Mom or Dad can pull. Genius!

    source: repeatcrafterme.com

  • You Can Match, Mom! 6 of 6

    I'm kidding. Please do not do this to yourself, your children, or society. 

    source: amazon.com for $58.95 (non-affiliate link used)

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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