Trying to Find a Compromise in a Spider-Man Themed Bedroom

As you know, I’ve got three children. But what you may not yet know is they all share a bedroom. We have room in our house for them to be separated a bit, but we’ve chosen to have them all share the same room.

With two genders sharing the same room and each child with their own personality, there can be some disagreements on how to make the bedroom look. I’ve been thinking for some time about re-doing their room to include some pieces for each of their personalities and hope to make it something they all like. I want it to be fun for each of them and a relaxing, happy place for them to sleep.

Speed loves all things superhero, Raru is pretty flexible and Bean is obsessed with Spider-Man so I’ve been trying to come up with a compromise on how to decorate their room in a way they all want and wonder if Spider-Man is the way to go? I haven’t decided if we’re doing the whole room theme or if we should just pick and choose a few accessories for each?

Check out these 12 cute Spider-Man products that I am swooning over. Should I get them all or just a few?

  • Spider-Man Accessories for Your Kid’s Room 1 of 13
    Spider-Man Accessories for Your Kid's Room
    If your child is a big Spider-Man fan too, you will want to check out these fun bedroom accessories.
  • Spider-Man on the Wall 2 of 13
    Spider-Man on the Wall
    I know that Bean would FLIP over this wall decal. It really looks like he's there.
    You want one too? Purchase from 60SecondMakeover/Etsy, $23.26
  • Light Switch Plate 3 of 13
    Light Switch Plate
    A simple way to decorate in a Spider-Man theme and I think that even if this is all we had in there, she'd be pleased.
    You want one too? Purchase from Deeply Dapper/Etsy, $8
  • Black and White Wall Decal 4 of 13
    Black and White Wall Decal
    Since I am not sure what color their wall will be -- or if we're changing it, this black and white one would meld with any wall color.
    You want one too? Purchase from Vinyls Direct Wall Stickers & Murals/Etsy, $24.81
  • Interesting Take on Spider-Man 5 of 13
    Interesting Take on Spider-Man
    I just find this pretty unique and could make a really interesting picture on the wall.
    You want one too? Purchase from FruttiTuttiBeadCandy/Etsy, $31
  • Customized Spider-Man 6 of 13
    Customized Spider-Man
    How cute is this? Bean would love seeing her name up next to Spider-Man
    You want one too? Purchase from LilFacesPrintables/Etsy, $9.95
  • Triple Cute Wall Art 7 of 13
    Triple Cute Wall Art
    These are just completely adorable and are small enough not to overtake the room, but will make Bean happy to see.
    You want one too? Purchase from LilFacesPrintables/Etsy, $11
  • Hanging Spider-Man 8 of 13
    Hanging Spider-Man
    This is by far my favorite Spider-Man wall decal. It's big, but just so cool.
    You want one too? Purchase from 60SecondMakeover/Etsy, $20
  • Pillow and Name 9 of 13
    Pillow and Name
    If the older two would be totally opposed to a whole room-theme, this is a good compromise.
    You want one too? Purchase from Good Vibrations Pet Shirt Boutique/Etsy, $23.95
  • Customized Wall Art 10 of 13
    Customized Wall Art
    Bean would FLIP seeing her in a Spider-Man costume and on a picture like this. It would make an adorable piece to their bedroom.
    You want one too? Purchase from Real Super!/Etsy, $40
  • Spider-Man & Venom Wall Art 11 of 13
    Spider-Man & Venom Wall Art
    I just think these are really cool and with both the good guy and bad guy, it's just that much more fun.
    You want one too? Purchase from loopzart/Etsy, $14
  • Super Heros 12 of 13
    Super Heros
    This includes Spider-Man, but also has all the other popular super heros. Maybe a super hero themed room?
    You want one too? Purchase from SadiesCanvas/Etsy, $76
  • Comic POW! 13 of 13
    Comic POW!
    I just love the classic comic POW and this picture would make a really fun bedroom art.
    You want one too? Purchase from TheBarberShoppe/Etsy, $11


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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