‘Twas the Busy Week Before Christmas

‘Twas the busy week before Christmas and all through the house, Momma was working and Harry was sick and a dog had to be rescued and dinner ended up being tacos most nights.

Oh, wait. That’s not how that poem goes, is it?

Somehow we’re keeping it all together, although I have to confess – it’s December 19th and we still haven’t seen Santa yet. I bought easy cookie mix for baking Christmas cookies this week instead of going it from scratch (know your limits and all that jazz, you know?), and this Christmas will feel magical for my son — but it’s a busy, busy lead up to it for his parents.

  • I rescued a dog. Or something like that. 1 of 10

    Monday did NOT go the way I thought it would. I found a dog running in a busy street. I pulled over and he hopped into my car, and I spent the entire day either working with him lying at my feet in my garage or trying to find his owner. You can read more about the small adventure here on my personal blog. (p.s. there was a happy ending for him!)

  • Work is not a four-letter word. 2 of 10

    I'm ADORING my job right now. We are in a busy season with the upcoming end-of-quarter and end-of-year, plus a huge opportunity came up. Oh, and Zuckerberg changed the Facebook algorithm again. So I'm logging 9-10 hour days in the office, then continuing to work at home. My final presentation for the project is on Monday, and then you'll find me drooling on the couch come Christmas Eve.

  • Harry got an ear infection. 3 of 10

    After a regular old cold turned croup-ish cough over the weekend, Harry was diagnosed with a raging ear infection at the beginning of the week. 24 hours into antibiotics made him a new man, but a sick preschooler is never fun. 

  • We painted the dining room. 4 of 10

    I finally found the perfect green and when my boss announced our profit sharing bonuses, we used a portion of it to donate to a family in need and a portion to finally repaint our dining room. We're also adding chair rail with a deadline of Christmas china hutch is in the middle of the room and I have no drapes and it reminds me of last year when my new dishwasher was installed on Christmas Eve. That's how we roll at the Money Pit. 

  • Harry’s moving to PreK! 5 of 10

    This is our big, huge news! Harry is moving up to PreK and he is so excited. More structured lessons, a Smartboard, etc. He's feeling very mature and we are ready for this new stage in his education and care.

  • I’m making Christmas presents. 6 of 10

    I know. Laugh it up, but in my budget-minded ways, I decided to make Christmas presents this year. Did you know that I embroider? It's an odd little fact about me and I really love it. I'm hoping the gift recipients will adore the love and effort behind their gifts. On the other hand, next year remind me to just go shop at Target. 

  • Tell me not to chop it off. 7 of 10

    I suddenly have the urge to chop off my locks.I think it's the stress in my life and me wanting to control something, so hey! Let's control hair! Like, BAM, to my chin and darker and maybe even bangs. Remind me that this should never be cut. Even though right now, it's sitting piled on my head in a top knot.

  • Thoughts on our old girl. 8 of 10

    We've had some colder weather and our girl is starting to feel it. We're noticing that Tuck is slower to get up off the floor, more hesitant to jump up on the bed for a snuggle. We've started her on glucosamine but we're also having to face that she is going to be 8 years old in a few months. Is anyone else at this stage with their dog? Any tips?

  • Babies, babies, everywhere. 9 of 10

    I am not pregnant. But it is the season of pregnancy announcements. I've counted six so far since Thanksgiving and my baby fever is bracing for the Christmas Eve and morning announcements. I'm so happy for all of my friends, but so ready for my own turn. It's bittersweet.

  • So. That’s that. 10 of 10

    I love y'all. Thanks for reading here and please forgive my exhausted expression. At least I have a warm fuzzy dog to curl up with at the end of the day (and season two of Bones!).


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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