Uncles Rule. Moms Drool.

Screen shot 2013-05-15 at 2.56.20 PMAre you a solo single parent raising an opposite sex kid? I am. I’m a mom and JD is a boy.

Since his dad is not around to hangout, I make it a point to schedule guy-time for JD. This is a boys rule/girls drool sort of thing and it means a lot to my son.

Yesterday, Uncle Bri picked JD up from school. JD loves when Uncle Bri comes to school because he lifts him up in the air and JD likes to brag that his uncle knows everything about computers, superheroes, and Ninja Turtles.

I was working at the magazine yesterday and didn’t really have plans. All I wanted to do was go home, eat, shower and curl up with Amanda Knox. I’m deep into her memoir, Waiting To Be Heard.

But, I made myself busy. I grabbed a happy hour drink with work-wife. I sipped a white wine spiritzer and lemon-water while we talked about life. That killed a good hour.

Then I drove the thirty-five minutes towards home, but stopped off to meet a friend, for another (light) drink and some good cheese and bread. We ended up hanging out till 9 PM.

By the time I got home, JD was fast asleep; Bri was on the couch and using my washing machine. He so kindly unloaded my dryer, leaving a lump of clean unfolded clothes atop the machine.

(And even though I didn’t initially want to go out—it felt great to be out! Single moms, please, go out.)

I crept into JD’s room and kissed him. Then got into bed with Amanda Knox and texted Mr. Suit (who actually exists!) and wished him a safe business trip to Knox’s motherland. “Try and get a pic of her. And text me. XO.” Mr. Suit thinks I’m crazy.

In the morning, JD was excited to tell me that he cooked dinner with Uncle Bri. “We made chicken in a pan and white macaroni (cavatelli) and broccoli.” The dudes did homework and Uncle Bri supervised JD’s shower, but apparently not his PJ selection.

He awoke wearing red Ninjago bottoms and a blue-green striped Toy Story top. JD told me all about the new games that Uncle Bri downloaded on his iPod Touch (Ah, I’ll look out for that bill on my credit card.) and “Hulk-Smashing.” (This is basically JD ramming into Uncle Bri.)

“Did you miss, mommy?” I asked.

“No worries. I was with Uncle Bri,” he said. No worries? Gah, he is so big!

Music to my ears. Totally reassuring they get on so well and I’m super lucky to consider my brother(s) my BFF(s). Uncle Bri is JD’s guardian in the event of my untimely demise. Do you have a will, life insurance, and a guardian selected?

Do you have any opposite-sex family members or friends to hang with your opposite-sex kiddo? Trust me, it’s important.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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