#Vadering Is The Latest Fun Meme You Can Do With Your Kids

It started with planking. A simple idea to lie like a board in a bizarre spot and then take a picture. While it was a fun thing for the digerati to proliferate, it was also a stunt I pulled with my son.

He giggled and laughed and thought it was silly to lie like a board in a mall and have me take his picture.

Memes are a very fun way for families to spend quality, random time together. It’s not a playdate. It’s not a trip to the zoo. It’s something ad libbed out of left field that makes no sense and sparks creativity. Watch your kids at a Lego table, or with dolls and you will know they have imaginations that run wild. Memes tap into that anything is possible, and totally normal side of them.

Getting the family together to take part in a meme can be a great team-building exercise for your family, especially if you have older kids that can really help plan things out like a Harlem Shake video. Your kids won’t actual sigh and roll their eyes at you for trying to be cool, because when it comes to memes – the dorkier, the better.

#Vadering is just the latest family friendly meme that has Fathers, Sons, Moms, and Daughters… okay, it’s mostly Dads and kids on this one .. getting together and being silly trying to recreate Darth Vader‘s death grip.

I put on my sons’ Darth Vader mask (see how we redecorated his room Star Wars style)and had them Vader me in front of our house this afternoon and they thought it was hilarious. Check out the pic of that and other families getting down with memes.

  • Memes Are Fun 1 of 14
    Memes Are Fun
    Participating in memes can be a great way to let your hair down and just be silly with your kids. Vadering is the latest, click through to check it out and some others you could do ...
  • Hoth 2 of 14
    My sons get down to Vadering Darth Vader himself while on Hoth.
    Image via Buzz Bishop
  • Harbor 3 of 14
    A powerful padawan displays his force on the waterfront.
    Image via JP Holecka. Used with permission.
  • No Look 4 of 14
    No Look
    This is bad ass. No look at the subject, strong at the camera AND he's got a light saber.
    Image via Vadering Official
  • Power Up 5 of 14
    Power Up
    Getting a little graffiti help to knock dad back.
    Image via McDanfield
  • Passerby 6 of 14
    A great two part shot to show how little Vaders can just pop out of nowhere and grab a victim.
    Image via Onion Garlic Curry
  • Darth Batman 7 of 14
    Darth Batman
    A costume is a costume is a costume. Even Batman has the power of The Force.
    Image via Angel Blackburn
  • It’s All A Blur 8 of 14
    It's All A Blur
    The speed with which The Force can be used is all a blur.
    Image via jercowan
  • Luke, I Am Your Mother 9 of 14
    Luke, I Am Your Mother
    Mommy learned the dark side is strong with Ayden
    Image via dbyrnesjr
  • Kids 10 of 14
    This one is impressive. Great height, total fear in the victim, and a strong Vader pose.
    Image via Bad Little Girl
  • Hoop Dreams 11 of 14
    Hoop Dreams
    Vader's a shot caller, that's a given. But he's also a baller. Who knew?
    Image via Derek08
  • Poster Child 12 of 14
    Poster Child
    Every good meme needs a poster child, this is that.
    Image via Liam Collins
  • Harlem Shake 13 of 14
    Harlem Shake
    The Shaytards admit that the best part of doing a Harlem Shake video was "cracking up deciding what everyone would do." You can see their video here.
    Image via YouTube
  • Planking 14 of 14
    My son drops a plank way back in 2011. #oldschool
    Image via Buzz Bishop

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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