VIDEO: The Four-Year-Olds Do Some Peter Pan Improv

C and her same age cousin NC have recently discovered Peter Pan, and while they both love all the characters, Wendy definitely seems to be their favorite when they “play Peter Pan,” as they do quite a bit lately.

The other afternoon, my sister Betsy and I arrived at the girls’ preschool at the same time to pick them both up, and as we were walking the two of them out of the church building, both girls noticed a door open to a room we’d never seen open before – a room with a little stage for playacting set up in the corner. Both girls rushed in and begged to be able to play Peter Pan up on the stage for a minute, and even though we kind of needed to get moving, Betsy and I agreed to stay a few minutes because they were so excited about that little stage.

So while the girls performed some improv Peter Pan, I turned on the video recorder on my iPhone, and caught this rather hilarious episode in which once again – just as in the infamous “Mahna Mahna” incident – NC tried and and tried and tried to get C to stop being so shy and to really ACT up there on the stage.

She didn’t have much luck, but watching her try is really, really funny. Check it out after the jump!

The video is a teeny bit hard to hear right at the beginning, but the girls start out looking at something on the floor and arguing about whether “Tink” is really dead. C says yes, she’s dead, but NC is not about to give on that point.  After that, they move on to declaring their belief in fairies using faux British accents – trying to sound just like Wendy Darling in Peter Pan.

Finally, C explains that she’d rather just go “be with her mama,” and leave the performing to NC, who proceeds to sing a song she makes up on the spot. If you listen closely while NC is singing, you can hear C – who had come to sit in my lap and who is in complete awe of NC’s thespian talents – say admiringly that NC’s song is so very pretty. It’s really sweet.

Anyway, I think this whole thing is pretty cute.  I suspect that you will too. ( Especially if you “DO believe in fairies!”. )





Article Posted 5 years Ago

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