Videos Gone Viral! 10 of the Best Clips of Kids Captured in 2011

Kids are hilarious and if you’re lucky enough to have a camera handy when they unleash their often unintended comedic genius, you could be the parent to a YouTube sensation.

From pint-sized pop star performances to the outrage of unwrapping a rotten banana for Christmas, this year has produced some of the funniest viral videos yet.

Here’s a look back at just a few of the best kid moments captured on video in 2011. 

  • Disney Surprise Backfires 1 of 10
    Disney Surprise Backfires
    The parents in this video told their children they were taking a trip to Chattanooga with the hopes of catching their squeals of excitement on camera when they revealed they were actually taking a trip to Disney Land. Imagine their surprise when their children were less than enthused.
  • Step Aside Boys! This 5-year-old Wants a Job 2 of 10
    Step Aside Boys! This 5-year-old Wants a Job
    Forget the dolls and ponies! This 5-year-old has goals! In a video captured by her older sister, this tiny YouTube sensation tells the world that she is putting her career first and a marriage second. Let's hope for her sake the job market improves by 2025.
  • Friday! Friday! 3 of 10
    Friday! Friday!
    Who could forget teenager-turned-YouTube-sensation, Rebecca Black's single Friday. No, seriously, who could forget it? Once you listened to the song it was guaranteed to be stuck in your head for days. Despite the public mocking Rebecca received for the song, which was produced as part of a package her mother bought from Ark Music Factory for aspiring teen singers, the millions of views the video received proves we all just 'wanna get down on Friday.'
  • Girls Want Super Heroes Too 4 of 10
    Girls Want Super Heroes Too
    When kids rant hilarity ensues and this video of 6-year-old Riley is no exception. Riley's speech against gender-biased marketing proves she is wise beyond her years.
  • Kids, We Ate Your Halloween Candy 5 of 10
    Kids, We Ate Your Halloween Candy
    In October, Jimmy Kimmel sparked some controversy when he asked parents to send in videos of their children's reactions to being told their parents had eaten all of their Halloween candy. Spoiler alert! Many tears were shed.
  • Hey Ya! Double Dancers 6 of 10
    Hey Ya! Double Dancers
    These kids have moves! Twins Justin and Jeremy dance their way to YouTube fame with this video captured while they play Just Dance on Nintendo Wii.
  • Boy Cries Because Little Girl Wants to Marry Him 7 of 10
    Boy Cries Because Little Girl Wants to Marry Him
    In this popular clip, a little boy cries because a little girl insists she wants to marry him. I hate to break this to you, kid, but I think this is a fight that you'll find yourself having again in adulthood.
  • Maria Aragon Performs Lady Gaga Hit 8 of 10
    Maria Aragon Performs Lady Gaga Hit
    This video of Maria Aragon, 10, singing Lady Gaga's Born This Way has received over 45 million views to date and after listening there's no disputing why. When Lady Gaga saw the video she invited Maria to perform the song with her at a show in Toronto in March.
  • Sophia Grace Sings Super Bass 9 of 10
    Sophia Grace Sings Super Bass
    Video of these two little girls outfitted in their princess best singing Nicki Minaj's Super Bass garnered over 27 million views on YouTube and earned them an appearance on Ellen Degeneres' talk show where they were surprised with the opportunity to perform a duet with Nicki Minaj.
  • I Gave My Kid a Terrible Present 10 of 10
    I Gave My Kid a Terrible Present
    Jimmy Kimmel just couldn't get enough of playing tricks on the children of his viewers. In December, he asked parents to give their children an early Christmas gift. Kids received everything from rotten bananas to half-eaten sandwiches and their reactions were equal parts confusion and rage.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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