Washing Intructions Say Laundry is a Woman's Job

Image credit: @Emmabarnett via Twitter

Ladies, think your man can handle washing a pair of cotton chinos?

Apparently Madhouse Fashion has their doubts.

MSN reports that when Emma Barnett tweeted this picture of the care instructions for her boyfriend’s new Madhouse Fashion pants, Twitter became abuzz over whether the label was humorous or sexist.

Hey, I’ve had issues with my husband doing laundry that have warranted my role as laundress, but that doesn’t mean I want a stupid care label telling me whose job is whose.

What’s next? A hammer with a sticker that says to give it to my man?

I know I’m going to have my feminist card revoked when I say this, but when I first saw the label I laughed. Out loud. Madhouse Fashion stated the label was meant to be a joke. While I initially took the label as such, the more I thought about it, the more irritated I became. The label is not only offensive to women, setting us back about five decades, but it’s offensive to men as well.

I’m pretty sure a man can handle washing a pair of chinos, among other traditionally “female” responsibilities.

What are your thoughts on these Madhouse Fashion’s care instructions?

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