What’s Determination? Watch A 9 Yr Old Girl Try 75 Times To Perfect A 540 [VIDEO]

Watch A 9 Yr Old Girl Define Determination With One Trick - DadCAMPMy son’s wish came true this weekend. For his 7th birthday he got a skateboard. The one he has been asking for since Christmas. I don’t know why he wanted a skateboard, there’s no skatepark near our house and other kids in the area don’t have them, but he wanted one.

And his wish came true.

Now comes the hard part, learning how to ride it. My son is not good at practicing. From reading, to riding a bike, if it doesn’t come easy, he’s likely to give up even easier.

So I’ve showed him the video of young Sabre Norris. She’s 9. She can’t ride a bike, but she loves to skateboard. And she’s determined.

She’s been trying to nail a 540 on the halfpipe for a while. It’s a turn and a half in mid-air. She wasn’t getting it, but was determined to do it. So she put a camera on the side of the ramp and dropped in, hit the air, twisted, and fell on her knees. She went over to the side, placed a rock on the side of the ramp, climbed to the top and did it again. Again she bailed. Again she placed a rock. Again she climbed the ramp and dropped in.

74 times Sabre Norris failed. On the 75th try, she nailed it and the video has gone viral.

I showed the clip to my son. He was in awe because there was a kid his size nailing a cool trick when he couldn’t even do 2 pushes on his board. I told him this girl didn’t know how to ride a bike, but look how she tried hard to get the skateboard trick down.

“I can ride a mountain bike,” he boasted, remembering the trek we took down a single track trail on a local hill. “I can do that too.”

And with that, he put on his pads, strapped on his helmet, and spent the next hour going up and down the same 25 yards of sidewalk in front of our house. He didn’t place a rock each time he fell off, but he did get back on, and by the end of the day he was coasting on his own.

“I started from rolling down my dad’s business car park. My favorite trick is a 540,” Norris says in the video’s description. “I watched Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins do it on the internet, and I just had to do it. My goal is to do 100 of them before this Saturday. I’m up to 75. I still can’t ride a bike, but I can do a 540.”

Got a kid that needs a lesson in determination? Show them the video of Sabre Norris and they’ll be on board.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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