Watch More Than 20 000 Teddy Bears Thrown On The Ice At A Hockey Game [Video]

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More than 20, 000 teddies on ice

I have had quite the fall and start to winter. As a blogger, we all dream about having our content connect with a wider audience and “going viral.”

I have had that happen 3 times since September, for a small time blogger like me that’s the equivalent of three lightning strikes, or three Powerball wins (I wish).

First I had a favorite kid and faced the fury of the internet full steam.  I had emails from Good Morning AmericaAnderson, Dr Phil, British and Australian tv shows, CNN, Inside Edition, Fox and Friends…. everyone but The View it seems was trying to chase me down because I said the unthinkable.

Then I took aim at Charlie Brown just before Halloween. In the wake of the Amanda Todd suicide, I found (and still find) the themes presented in Charlie Brown to be old, outdated and worthy of a reboot. Heck, they did it with Star Trek, isn’t it time Charlie got to kick that ball out of Lucy’s hands or the kids at least had a moment to discover calling someone a blockhead has consequences and isn’t nice?  Again the blogs and radio and media chased me down for my side of the story.

Then, just last weekend, our whole family went to  a hockey game. I have been taking my boys on alternating weekends for some one on one time, a snack of popcorn, a cheering crowd and a chance to watch the zambonis clear the ice (their favorite part). We all went on this occasion because it was the annual Teddy Bear Toss. 

The Teddy Bear Toss idea is simple: when the home team scores, everyone tosses a bear on the ice. The bears are then collected and distributed to Children’s Hospitals and various other organizations. At a traumatic situation (house fire, car accident), the bears are there for the young kids to cuddle. My boys were very excited to have their bears get on the ice, and after many false starts the home team finally scored:


My video passed 2 million views today. Again I was featured on CNN, Yahoo, NBC, and Good Morning America.  The Mirror, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, and countless other newspapers and tv stations picked up on the fun clip.  This time, the viral nature of my fame was much more fun for our family.   My wife didn’t like the attention the ‘favorite kid’ post brought, and people took my Charlie Brown critique far too seriously.  This time, my boys are even excited about going vrial.  When I told Zacharie that more than 2 million people had seen him throw his bear on the ice, he was thrilled.

“Wow! That’s more people than all of Calgary!”

It’s odd that ‘internet fame’ has found me for a third time in such short order. Just as with my story about having a favorite kid, I wasn’t the first one to put out a video of teddy bears showering a hockey rink, but kismet has smiled on my clip.  It’s a good thing too, the video has made a few thousand dollars from the Adsense I have on my YouTube account that will be donated to Team Diabetes.

It’s been fun, and hey – only 905 million to go until I catch up to PSY.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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