We Have a First Loose Tooth!

We Have a First Loose Tooth!Teeth freak me out. You know how some people can’t stand the sight of blood or deal well when they get hurt? I am that way whenever it comes to teeth and have always been that way. I can’t deal with any tooth issues, aches and when I had kids, I didn’t realize how much a totally normal loose tooth would freak me out.

And it does freak me out!

Speed has gone through loosing a few teeth and that first time I saw one pop out of his mouth, I had to pretend I wasn’t freaked out because he was so excited. A sign that he was growing up and was a big boy and of course, the tooth fairy would visit (his dentist told him this, not something I really wanted to do, but he got his hopes all up from the dentist). Since then, he’s lost a few more and has some of his adult teeth in so I thought I was over the issues I had with teeth.

I was wrong. Raru discovered late last week that she has her first loose tooth. For the past few days, I have been watching her play with her tooth with her tongue, eating countless apples to try to get that tooth out and hearing her excitement as she waits for the tooth to fall out. I am better this time around, not as freaked out, but it’s one of those parenting stages I knew would eventually come, but had no idea that I would worry so much about her swallowing the tooth or watching it just hang — both are my nightmares!

:: Were you or are you bothered by your kids’ loose teeth too? ::

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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