Wear This to Kindergarten

Do you have a little girl? You know how they want to wear sparkly, pink, puffy things all the time? Does that every clash with your own aesthetic?

It can be trying. But this year Ellen is more open to mixing some non-sparkly basics with the fancier stuff.  She’s going to look cute on the first day of school tomorrow. As we all know, looking cute helps in so many ways (along with smelling clean, not burping, and saying “Thanks”).

Ellen’s ready to start school this week. Check it out below.


  • Back to School Clothes 1 of 9
    Back to School Clothes
    My son got 2 packages of socks and 3 new pairs of jeans and called it good. The rest of this haul belongs to Ellen. If you squint you get an idea of the ratio between sparkle and non-sparkle. I felt lucky to get a 60/40 split.
  • New Socks and Undies 2 of 9
    New Socks and Undies
    I love to get fresh socks and undies. At the end of the summer I throw away anything holey, dingy, or all stretched out.
  • The Socks Go Here 3 of 9
    The Socks Go Here
    If you think washing, drying, and matching socks for 2 boys and 2 girls is enough, (SPOILER: I think it is!) Then put all the socks in a bin by the door and let the kids fend for themselves.
  • Cream Dress 4 of 9
    Cream Dress
    Crepe, lace sleeves, and a satin bow for Ellen. . . washable, with an attached slip and in a neutral color for me. This dress is compromise embodied.
  • Leggings and Boots 5 of 9
    Leggings and Boots
    She can dress it up for church or wear it with cowgirl boots for school.
  • Every Tasteful Ensemble. . . 6 of 9
    Every Tasteful Ensemble. . .
    On sale here.
  • Has an Outrageous Counterpart 7 of 9
    Has an Outrageous Counterpart
    It's hard to say "no" to a tutu!
  • Shoes 8 of 9
    Shiny ballet flats, sparkly Converse, Silvery shoes, and some fuzzy slip-ons. Remember when you had to learn to tie your shoes in kindergarten? So passe.
  • Off She Goes! 9 of 9
    Off She Goes!
    I am THRILLED with these outfits. Remember, this little girl fought me tooth and nail last year to wear pantyhose as "pants" with a too-small nightgown as a "shirt." She's turning into a sophisticated lady.

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