The Best Videos of Dads Rapping

Daddy Skills
Daddy Skills

Dads have a hard time letting youth slip. Just watch the benches at a park and you’ll see plenty of us posing as if the benches were on the side of a college football game instead of a slide and monkey bars.

Dads clinging to fashion also means we cling to the music of our youth, and that leads to one thing: dads rapping.

The YouTube highlights run the gambit from the Swagger Wagon to a dad freestyling in the delivering room waiting for the birth of his baby. When it comes to Dads, big beats and awkward rhymes go together like socks and sandals.

The latest is called Daddy Skills from Sam D and DJDave. It’s a coming of age tail as one of tha boys expresses his pride that his homie is now a responsible baby daddy.

“Dude, you got daddy skills, when did that happen?
Well, I guess I picked it up while you were busy rappin.”

After the jump, a look at some of the best (worst), and funniest videos with dads rapping about being dads:

  • Daddy Skills – Sam D and DJDave 1 of 10
    Daddy Skills - Sam D and DJDave
    "I'm on point real quick when the diaper sags
    I got the whole changing unit in the diaper bag."

  • Dad Life – Church On The Move 2 of 10
    Dad Life - Church On The Move
    "I look nice, I've got dozens of dollars
    That's right, it goes right to my daughters."

  • Swagger Wagon – Mr & Mrs Sienna 3 of 10
    Swagger Wagon - Mr & Mrs Sienna
    "I roll hard in the streets and the cul de sacs
    Proud parent of an honor roll student, Jack."

  • Heeeheee Hooohooo – Sir Charles Mac 4 of 10
    Heeeheee Hooohooo - Sir Charles Mac
    "Contraction, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout
    Breathe in, breathe out"

  • Stay-At-Home Dad Rap – Jon Lajole 5 of 10
    Stay-At-Home Dad Rap - Jon Lajole
    "I'm a stay-at-home dad 'cause my wife's at work
    I've got a bottle in my hand, and spit-up on my shirt"

  • Suburban Dad – Heartland Rockford 6 of 10
    Suburban Dad - Heartland Rockford
    "I make a mean mac and cheese right out of the box
    And I don't even care if they have matching socks"

  • Dad Rap – Jib Jab 7 of 10
    Dad Rap - Jib Jab
    My mini van's got spinners and a custom grill
    It's got 20 million stains where the kids all spilled

  • Mid Life Rap – Dare 2 Live 8 of 10
    Mid Life Rap - Dare 2 Live
    "I know I ain't no Snoop Doggy Dogg
    I'm just a middle aged guy with 2 kids and a job"

  • The Parent Rap – Bluefish TV 9 of 10
    The Parent Rap - Bluefish TV
    "We had a couple shorties, and now we're really flossy
    Cause we now we be rollin with our little posse

  • Fatherhood – Tray Chaney 10 of 10
    Fatherhood - Tray Chaney
    "Givin it my all, still tryin to give more.
    I swear I would die for the one I live for."

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