The Weirdest Things I Love About My Kids

I know I am totally biased & I know that every parent feels this way about their kids too, but my kids are the absolute best kids ever. There really is nothing like the fun quirks and the way we really get to know these growing people and see beauty in things we may not have noticed if we weren’t parents.

It’s kind of magical if you ask me. Loving kids is more then just loving the people they are — it’s the little things: the way they smell (even when they’re sweaty from playing too hard), the way they laugh certain ways about specific things, and the way their eyes light up when they discover something new. Those who are not parents may think it’s totally weird, but sometimes it’s the weird things we love the most about our kids.

Click to read how fellow parents finished the sentence, “The weirdest thing I love about my kid is ___.”

  • The Feet 1 of 12
    The Feet
    "I love the way my daughters feet smell (i know, it is weird).. *shrugs*" - Nese
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  • The Fibs 2 of 12
    The Fibs
    "The way they lie... lol" - Lila
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  • The Gas 3 of 12
    The Gas
    "That all three girls laugh when someone farts. Who needs boys?" - Carina
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  • The Pout 4 of 12
    The Pout
    "I love her "super-sad" face/pout. It's precious. I just hate the *noise* that inevitably follows." - Vanessa
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  • The Hoarding 5 of 12
    The Hoarding
    "His toy hoarding definitely." - Jessica
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  • The Sleeping 6 of 12
    The Sleeping
    "How he wraps up like a mummy in his blankets with a fan turned on right by his head:-)" - Angeli
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  • The Obsession 7 of 12
    The Obsession
    "I love that my son has a thing with clocks. He announces when it is 3:33, 2:22" - Angie
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  • The Quirk 8 of 12
    The Quirk
    "My son has this odd relationship with our vacuum. He's either giving it a kiss, or walking circles around it like it's about to attack!! So funny :)"- Lauren
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  • The Smile 9 of 12
    The Smile
    "I love my stepson's wonderfully awkward smile. He's just now growing in all of his adult teeth." - Arianna
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  • The Voice 10 of 12
    The Voice
    "I love how he speaks with a British accent a lot even though we have never set foot out of the United States. lol" - Kate
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  • The Breath 11 of 12
    The Breath
    "My daughters morning breath...... sounds wierd, but I just love it :)"- Jamie
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  • The Preference 12 of 12
    The Preference
    "My son can not stand for the seam of his socks to not be straight." - Raven
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:: What is the weirdest thing you love about your kids? ::

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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