We're Baaack: The 20 Most Evil Children from TV and Movies

Sure, your kids may seem possessed when they’re rolling around on the floor throwing one of their most terrible of terrible tantrums, but we bet they’re not as bad as these kids!

We’re getting in the Halloween spirit by looking at the 20 most disturbing children from classically frightening TV shows and movies. These little pint-sized terrors commit killer acts, have spooky eyes, creepy pigtails, and more. You’ll be thanking your lucky stars for your own kids by the end of this list! –Mike Shields

  • Damien Thorn 1 of 20
    Seriously, his father was the devil, his mom was a jackal, and his followers hang themselves. "It's all for you, Damien!"
    Photo credit: my.spill.com
  • Isaac from Children of the Corn 2 of 20
    This kid somehow looks both 10 years old and 50 at the same time. And he commanded an army of bad kids who lived in the cornfields. And that voice. If your kid ever starts talking like that, you need to drop him off in Iowa and never look back.
    Photo credit: DVDbeaver.com
  • Reagan from the Exorcist 3 of 20
    Reagan was actually a nice little girl but only when her body wasn't being possessed by Satan — at which point she would crawl upside down, make the room cold, and speak Italian. "Demi, why?"
    Photo credit: Captainhowdy.com
  • Rosemary’s Baby 4 of 20
    While we don't see much of how this baby's life turns out, it is literally the spawn of Satan, so we're guessing it's not all sunshine and rainbows.
    Photo credit: Scarehouse.typepad.com
  • Michael Myers from Halloween 5 of 20
    Michael does most of his damage as a grown man, but he got off to a hell of a start at age six, stabbing his sister and parents.
    Photo credit: chasingthefrog.com
  • Baby from It’s Alive 6 of 20
    This was not really a good movie, but the idea of an infant who starts killing people right after he's born while making a wheezy breathing noise is downright creepy. Damn you chemicals or nuclear waste or fertility drugs or whatever caused this!
    Photo credit: untamedsquid.blogspot.com
  • Anne and Nicholas from The Others 7 of 20
    They are actually pretty nice kids, but they're very particular about keeping the curtains closed and the lights dimmed ... because they're dead.
    Photo credit: listal.com
  • Children from Village of the Damned 8 of 20
    They can control people's minds, and are telekinetic, not to mention they have really scary eyes.
    Photo credit: wellthat'sjustgreat.tumblr.com
  • Esther from Orphan 9 of 20
    This little girl kills a nun and tries to seduce her adoptive father. Enough said.
    Photo credit: zap2it.com
  • Joshua 10 of 20
    He's not the Devil's son or related to a ghost or an alien or anything. He's just a really evil scary little kid.
    Photo credit: moviegoods.com
  • Chucky 11 of 20
    He's not technically a baby, but an escaped prisoner who took the form of a child's toy. Makes you think twice about your son or daughter's stuffed animals, doesn't it?
    Photo credit: best-horror-movies.com
  • Henry Evan from The Good Son 12 of 20
    Henry's (played by Macaulay Culkin) mom chose to let him fall off a cliff over his cousin, who would go on to become Frodo (Elijah Wood). When mom let's you plummet to your death, you know you've gotten on her bad side.
    Photo credit: whatireadandwatched.blogspot.com
  • Prince Joffrey Baratheon from Game of Thrones 13 of 20
    This little SOB tricked his father into killing his girlfriend's pet wolf. Then once he assumed the throne, he had his girlfriend's father's head cut off. Oh, and his dad is also his uncle. Or something like that.
    Photo credit: hbo.com
  • Nellie Olson from Little House on The Prairie 14 of 20
    She abuses Laura Ingalls' horse Bunny, then fakes paralysis after falling off the horse, which almost leads to the animal being killed. And those curls. Those evil curls.
    Photo credit: dearjackiecollins.blogspot.com
  • Delia, Damien’s daughter from The Omen IV 15 of 20
    Based on her birth lineage, Delia is one-quarter devil and one-quarter jackal. Rough mix.
    Photo credit: legendsofhorror.org
  • Rhoda from The Bad Seed 16 of 20
    Rhoda is a charming little girl, except when letting other kids drown.
    Photo credit: villains.wikia.com
  • Telly from Kids 17 of 20
    All this little teen punk did was try to deflower virgins. Every parent's worst nightmare.
    Photo credit: kidsthosedays.com
  • Samara from The Ring 18 of 20
    Yes, her mom drowned her in the well, but she single-handedly ruined VHS, which was good for Netflix, until they raised their prices and had the whole Qwikster debacle. Wait, is she back?
    Photo credit: fanpop.com
  • The Grady Twins from The Shining 19 of 20
    Next time you're alone in a hotel hallway, look for them. They like to run to the elevator.
    Photo credit: screenrant.com
  • Gage from Pet Sematary 20 of 20
    This kid is actually adorably cute, before he dies, and gets resurrected in a pet cemetery. Then he starts stabbing and eating people and saying things like "I want to play with YOU DADDY!"
    Photo credit: thescaryscoop.blogspot.com

And while these films weren’t slated as horror films, they’re still the 26 most disturbing kids films

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