We're Still Not Sure Where He Came From

My middle son, Zachary, is like no one else in our family. We have no idea where his bright blue eyes and blonde (or white, if you ask him) hair came from. My husband swears that it must have come from the mailman. Although, our mail carrier at the time of his conception was an Asian woman, so this theory obviously holds no water.

He is the exact opposite of his older brother, both in looks and in personality. Where his older brother is a shy introvert who follows rules and would happily spend all day inside watching TV or playing video games, Zachary is an outgoing child who likes to test boundaries and wants nothing more than to be outside riding his bike or practicing his daredevil scootering skills.

At this point in his life, it is a small miracle that he has only been in the ER twice for stitches.

He loves to make a spectacle of himself, has no problems talking to strangers, and if you ask nicely, he is more than happy to show you the “Thriller” dance that he has spent countless hours perfecting.

He is a riot. And a challenge.

He doesn’t understand the need for silly rules about not doing flips on the couch or not running full speed into walls. On purpose. When my husband said last week, “No matter what you do in life, don’t ever get a tattoo on your face.” Zachary’s response was an indignant “I CAN IF I WANT TO!”

I have resigned myself to the fact that, in a few years, he will probably often be in trouble for silly, mischievous teenage boy things. We joke that we should make friends with some of the local police officers NOW, so that we can use those friendships to our advantage when Zachary is 16.

He is the definition of a free spirit. At 4, he’s still pretty easy to deal with. But as he gets older, I have a feeling that it will become more of a challenge.

Do you have a child who dances to the beat of their own drum? Are they harder, or easier, to parent than your other kids?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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