What A Trip to Disneyland Taught Me About Being a Mom

Disneyland is a strange place. I’m not big into Disney–Like those ladies who have a Goofy sweatshirt for every holiday. But when I saw Mickey atop a float banging on drums my heart skipped a beat. Disneyland is special.

It’s different there. You do things you wouldn’t normally do. Like, say, eat an entire smoked turkey leg caveman style and then pick your teeth with its rigid tendons. Or, perhaps, feel slighted when Brer Fox blows off your daughter for twins in Belle costumes. Who do you think you are, Brer Fox? Not some A-lister who can afford to alienate his fans, that’s for sure.

The atmosphere at Disneyland opens you up to new experiences. I learned a lot during our sojourn there.

Parenting lessons learned from Disneyland, after the jump.

  • Be a Yes Man(Mom) 1 of 8
    Be a Yes Man(Mom)
    Disneyland is so wonderful because everyone there is so nice. They are happy and they want to make you happy. This is not, necessarily, my approach to motherhood. . . but perhaps it should be. More saying yes, less grumping around--More Disney attitude. Surely, no one in my family will complain.
  • Food Makes Everything Better 2 of 8
    Food Makes Everything Better
    I don't want to make you fat or teach you that food=love, but when tensions ran high and nerves were frayed, a churro or a corn dog always soothed and delighted at Disneyland. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a man in possession of a turkey leg must be in want of. . . nothing.
  • Play to Your Strengths 3 of 8
    Play to Your Strengths
    Disneyland isn't smart or trendy. It's just Disney. Whatever you are--even if it's not smart or trendy--be that and be it perfectly and obsessively. It has worked for Disneyland.
  • Talk Like a Princess 4 of 8
    Talk Like a Princess
    It kind of freaked me out to draw close to the princesses and hear their fake, high, princess voices. But when I got home I tried talking to Ellen in an exaggerated "nice voice" and it helped me bend her to my will. Try it!
  • Unbridled Enthusiasm 5 of 8
    Unbridled Enthusiasm
    I'm kind of self-conscious and shy. That's not fun for anyone! Take a cue from Disney and show a little enthusiasm. Cast members don't care. They don't feel dumb. They just go nuts and pretend to be Goofy. I gotta get me some of that. You should too.
  • The Good Outweighs the Bad 6 of 8
    The Good Outweighs the Bad
    As in life, there are many highs and lows at Disneyland: the excruciating lines, the suffocating crowds, an active fast pass, seeing Buzz Lightyear! During our vacation we suffered some staggering lows in terms of tantrums and bickering. There were times when I wondered if it was worth it. There were moments when I hated my life. But, as a whole, the good outweighs the bad.
  • There’s No Place Like Home 7 of 8
    There's No Place Like Home
    My kids were so excited to get home--A 10 hour car trip will do that to kids. I came home wanting to infuse my home with the hospitality and fun of Disneyland so that coming home will always be a treat that my kids look forward to.
  • I’m the Mom 8 of 8
    I'm the Mom
    Even when my feet hurt, I've got the purse and I'll hold their stuff because I'm the mom. Does the drop on Splash Mountain always surprise and scare me? Yes. Does it matter? No! I'm sharing my seat with a little person who might need saving. I'm the mom forever, that's it.

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