How Can You Tell If Your Child Has Type 1 Diabetes?

six until meNovember is Diabetes Awareness Month.

November 14, is World Diabetes Day.

Kerri Sparling writes a very sweet blog at Six Until Me. Her blog named as such because she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was 7 years old. Kerri says diabetes doesn’t define her, but it helps to explain who she is.

Kerri is a mom to a beautiful daughter nicknamed Birdy. Her daughter is just about 3, and people who know Kerri is diabetic have been asking her lately if her little Bird “will get it too.”

After the jump, let’s spread some awareness about diabetes. Kerri’s story about growing up diabetic and the answers to some important questions: What is diabetes? What are the warning signs? Does my child have diabetes?

For Kerri, the warning signs started with bed wetting. A lot of bed wetting.

Kerri remembers the summer before grade 2 when she had to be fitted with a “pee alarm” that would go off if she wet the bed. Eventually the alarm went off enough that Kerri was brought to a doctor.

“My parents repeated words I didn’t understand “diabetes” and “hospital” and the whirlwind of change began,” she recalls.

“I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on September 11, 1986. I spent twelve nights in Rhode Island Hospital, learning to give practice injections of saline to an orange.”

And that’s how it begins. One month you’re trying to deal with a bedwetter, the next month you’re treating your kid “like a dart board” by trying to “hit the bullseye as quickly as possible” with an insulin injection.

Kerri’s daughter is still years younger than she was when she first was diagnosed. So the question hangs there – “will she get it too?” Kerri has a simple request: “Please don’t ask me this question. It hurts more than all the others.”

The goal of World Diabetes Day is to have increased awareness for diabetes. For people to understand what it is, and that there are different types of diabetes.

Scroll through the slides below to have some questions answered, some myths dispelled, learn the warning signs, and the risk factors.

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