What Are Your Sleeping Arrangements On Vacation?

kids in hotel bedsI need a vacation from my vacation.

After 3 nights in a hotel room with 2 queen sized beds for our family, I am fully exhausted. It has nothing to do with the squeaky bed or the lumpy pillows. It’s not because the hotel was pet-friendly and dogs were barking below us, or because I could hear the guy in 218 snoring at 3am. I am fully exhausted because I had to share a bed with my kid.

Our family sleeping arrangements on vacation have me with our oldest son, my wife with our youngest (that is our default behaviour, after all). Both kids like to swim when they’re in bed, and so we split them up so they don’t knock each other onto the floor or into the inevitable sharp corners that populate hotel rooms. The kids may get split, but the swimming doesn’t stop.

Charlie, the youngest (3), insists on sleeping on your pillow. No matter how you start out, he will scooch, and twist and turn to get his head onto the pillow you’re hugging. If you resist, expect a head butt sometime around 2am, with the back of his skull striking you square on the nose. Awesome.

Zacharie, the oldest (5), swims with his legs. There’s nothing like having some tiny toes crawl down your pyjama pants, poke into your back, or push you to the edge of the bed. I don’t know if it’s that restless leg syndrome they advertise about on tv, but it takes everything I’ve got not to lash out at my guy countless times a night.

So, the vacation was awesome, the sleep was not. I’m curious how your family sleeps on vacation. Do you put the kids together? Do you split them up? Does everyone get their own room? Do you put them on the floor?

Signed, Sleepless on Vacation.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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