What Can Rinsing Do For Your Family?

You care about your smile. When you learned you were brushing your teeth all wrong you tried to correct it. You semi-avoid or limit the foods that are most damaging to your teeth. By all accounts you’re doing everything you can to preserve and protect that gorgeous smile of yours.

I’ve got only one question for you, are you rinsing with mouthwash?

Look, I know mouthwash is just another thing to do and you’re already super busy. I get it. If anything, you feel like your teeth should be thanking YOU for the time you carve out twice a day to scrub them down, right? C’mon, admit it.

The goal of this post isn’t to guilt you into doing more for your smile (that’s your dentist’s job), but rather to explain the benefits of rinsing. Believe me, once you understand the reasons why you and your kids should rinse, you’ll wonder why you weren’t doing it sooner.

Take a look at the many reasons rinsing rocks after the jump! (You and your dentist will thank me.)

• Brushing alone misses 75 percent of your mouth. Like, eww. Rinsing can get in between all those hard to reach places and clean out all the nasties brushing can miss, keeping your family’s smiles healthy and bright!

• Rinsing can make oral care fun! Take a look at our best rinse faces!

• Listerine® Smart Rinse® is specially designed to offer kids 12 hour cavity protection! That means, whatever treats you’ve got on the menu today, your child’s teeth are protected!

• Listerine® Smart Rinse® strengthens your child’s teeth 99 percent better than brushing alone. Ninety-nine percent better?! Why wouldn’t you rinse?

• Listerine® Smart Rinse® contains fluoride, a vital ingredient in cavity protection. What’s even better, your child’s teeth retain 2.4 times more fluoride with Listerine® Smart Rinse® than other leading brands.

• Grown-ups, rinsing with Listerine® keeps your mouth healthy, breath super fresh, and kissably inviting. Ooo la la!

So listen, rinsing matters! Take the extra time to arm your kids’ teeth with the protection they need with Listerine® Smart Rinse® and lead by example with Listerine®. Your oral health with thank you!

Are you good about rinsing?

I received products from Johnson & Johnson as part of my participation in the LISTERINE® Kids Cavity-Free School Year Program. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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