What Can You Make Out Of Lego? Check Out These Amazing Portraits

It is often said the only pain that can compare to childbirth is stepping barefoot on a piece of Lego.

You may think you have a lot of them at your house, but chances are you don’t have half a million pieces underfoot  like Dave Ware does. He’s a Lego artist, and his works are truly incredible.

Ware loved Lego as a kid, like most of us, but it was only when he started playing with the bricks with his kids 7 years ago that he realized how much he loved the power of playing with bricks and discovered he could use the bricks to not only build spaceships, but actual works of art.

Inspiration to create Lego mosaics came when he saw a map made from Lego on a Science Centre wall. He went home, tried one of his own, and the rest is history.

  • Brickwares 1 of 20
    Dave Ware plays with Lego with his kids, and then makes great art. Check out his mosaics.
  • The Rocketeer 2 of 20
    The Rocketeer
    Dave says: "This is by far the largest mosaic i've made. If I used 1x1 bricks only, it would use 30,672 of them.

    It stands 45 inches (3.75 feet) by 66 inches (5.5 feet).

    It took somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 hours to complete, and required about $400 worth of Lego in addition to the pieces I had on hand."
  • The Clash 3 of 20
    The Clash
    A mosaic of the Clash's London Calling album cover.
  • Adam Baldwin and Jayne 4 of 20
    Adam Baldwin and Jayne
    Adam Baldwin (Jayne Cobb in Firefly) attended the 2012 Calgary Expo. Dave made this mosaic of Adam and had him sign it.
  • Zach 5 of 20
    Dave says "This is a Mosaic I made of Zach Braff of "Scrubs" fame. He strikes me as the kind of guy who would get a kick out of being immortalized in brick."
  • To The Stars! 6 of 20
    To The Stars!
    Best Mosaic BrickCon 2009.
  • Rudolph and Hermy 7 of 20
    Rudolph and Hermy
    The magical part of this mosaic? Rudolph's nose actually lights up.
  • Dynamic Duo 8 of 20
    Dynamic Duo
    Minifig mosaic of Batman and Robin.
  • Monster Fighters 9 of 20
    Monster Fighters
    Lord Vampyre and his squad trying to block out the sun with an eternal eclipse.
  • War Of The Worlds 10 of 20
    War Of The Worlds
    My LEGO Mosaic for BrickCon 2010. 65 x 45 inches, a whole bunch of bricks. Dave won Best Mosaic at the show.
  • Iron Giant 11 of 20
    Iron Giant
    Dave's "Giant" was recently exhibited at the Endeavor Gallery in Calgary
  • San Diego Comic Con 12 of 20
    San Diego Comic Con
    Dave pitching in at the Lego Booth at SDCC.
  • Jim Lee Superman 13 of 20
    Jim Lee Superman
    A mosaic of Superman made for the 2012 Calgary Expo.
  • Waikiki Festival 14 of 20
    Waikiki Festival
    Lego mosaic of a poster from the Waikiki Festival.
  • Eyes 15 of 20
    A LEGO mosaic commissioned by a friend for his wife's birthday.
  • Scott Pilgrim 16 of 20
    Scott Pilgrim
    A 2012 Calgary Expo mosaic project.
  • Escher’s Day And Night 17 of 20
    Escher's Day And Night
    Dave says "One of my favorites. This one was a lot of work due to the constant change in colours. "
  • Cheverny 18 of 20
    A Mosaic made in LEGO of the Chateaux de la Loire Cheverrny.
  • Stampede Mosaic 19 of 20
    Stampede Mosaic
    A LEGO mosaic of the poster for the Calgary Stampede.
  • Jack Sparrow 20 of 20
    Jack Sparrow
    A custom made LEGO mosaic of Jack Sparrow.

Images via Brickwares. Used with permission.

Bricksaic is a nifty program that lets anyone pre-plan a Lego structure online, and then plot out instructions on how to build it. Ware pixelates the images he will mosaic, then a base plate is created before nearly 40 000 pieces over 100 hours are installed.

Ware’s kids are big Lego fans too, as you would expect. His wife, Kate, is also a big supporter of the hobby that has turned into a career. Even so, she has one rule: the Lego stays in the basement.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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