What Do You Do While Your Kids Are At Activities?

rock climbingIt’s extra-curricular activity season.

In our family that means song and craft time, swimming lessons, rock climbing, skating, and more.

Each of those lessons runs from 45 minutes to a couple of hours. While your kids are on their feet, getting active, or learning a new skill, what are you doing?

While balancing the schedule between kids can seem like a daunting task, if you can practice the art of multitasking, you can turn those busy hours into productive one.

After the jump, 7 things you can do for yourself while your kids are at practice.

  • Work Out Too 1 of 7
    Work Out Too
    If your kids are taking lessons at a community centre, why not take the opportunity to take a class too? Register for aerobics while they're in the pool, or simply find a free stationary bike to get your own heart rate up and squeeze in a workout.
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  • Get Some Work Done 2 of 7
    Get Some Work Done
    This is a great chance to catch up on some charts, email, or phone calls. We're on the clock a lot, but multitasking is a skill that lets you make time for your family, while still getting your work done.
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  • Read A Book 3 of 7
    Read A Book
    Okay, maybe not 50 Shades of Grey, but a free hour with a good book is a good hour be it in a hockey arena or on the sidelines.
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  • Gossip / Make New Friends 4 of 7
    Gossip / Make New Friends
    Instead of parking your face in your phone or work, use the classtime as a chance to meet new friends, and get to know other parents in your kid's class. We registered our kids for activities when we first moved to a new town, guess how we met all our best couple friends? Chatting at the pool.
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  • Write A Blog 5 of 7
    Write A Blog
    What do you think I'm doing while my son is in swimming lessons right now? That's right.. I'm cranking out content 🙂
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  • Play Some Apps 6 of 7
    Play Some Apps
    There are many games that are great for parents and kids. Why not stuff your smart phone with games that you both will like. I've been down with Tiny Wings lately, here's a list of 10 other apps you can share.
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  • Watch The Game 7 of 7
    Watch The Game
    They grow up so fast. Leave the phone in the car. Let your work stay at work. Watch, enjoy, and marvel at what your kids can do and encourage them along.
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