What Does Your Child's Bedroom Say About YOU?

I have admitted before that when it comes to interior design and the magazine-ready looking homes, I fail. I have never really had the knack for what looks great and honestly, since my kids are still young I worry too much about them breaking something I spent so much time and money on.

When it comes to kid bedrooms, I never invested much time. They would destroy anything in less then 2 days and they outgrow tastes quicker than I can keep up. My kids actually all share a bedroom and it’s quite simple. Three beds, a television (yep, one of those parents too) and some toys, books and dressers for their clothes. It’s nothing crazy extravagant by any means, but they love it and the love being together.

I believe you can tell a lot about what type of parent someone is by what the kid rooms look like. Not necessarily the rest of the house because that’s more our taste and usually more generic and conventional, but when it comes to our kids rooms we can have a lot more fun (or not) and they are not usually shown-off to everyone who comes into the house.

Click through to find out what my interpretation of what your child’s bedroom says about YOU:

  • So Messy You Don’t Know Where To Start 1 of 6
    So Messy You Don't Know Where To Start
    Now, you may expect me to say something mean like "a messy room means lazy", but I don't believe that. I think a messy room means you are all too busy having fun outside and the mess is likely contained to the bedroom.
    Photo credit: tachyondecay on Flickr
  • More Grown Up Than My Own Room 2 of 6
    More Grown Up Than My Own Room
    Now, this may be jealousy talking but I think that if your child's bedroom is nicer than my own room -- it tells me you have too much time on your hands, or no one is ever home. My kids would break that room in 2 minutes.
    Photo credit: colorhome on Flickr
  • Expensive & Extravagant 3 of 6
    Expensive & Extravagant
    Like the pictures we only see in magazines, if this is what your kid's room looks like, that tells me you have so much money you don't care that you have to replace everything every 2 weeks. Kids break stuff even when you think they can't.
    Photo credit: Gatsby's List on Flickr
  • Play Zone or Sleep Zone 4 of 6
    Play Zone or Sleep Zone
    If your child 'sleeps' in this room, that means you are a superhuman who functions on no sleep. Seriously, my kids would be up all night playing in a room like this.
    Photo credit: Oyvind Solstad on Flickr
  • How Many Sleep Here? 5 of 6
    How Many Sleep Here?
    If you're kids bedroom requires more than 2 sleeping spots, it tells me that you are a fun family who loves to hang out. Who says everyone needs to have their own private room?
    Photo credit: ninefish on Flickr
  • Mural, Mural On The Wall 6 of 6
    Mural, Mural On The Wall
    Oh how I wish I had the talent! If you child is sleeping in a room that has a hand-drawn, full wall mural that you've done yourself -- you are awesome. That tells me that you are the kind of parent who loves family, loves getting dirty and want to make childhood fun!
    Photo credit: meemal on Flickr

:: What does your child’s bedroom look like?::

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Photo credit: Gatsby’s List on Flickr

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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