Parents Dish: What Have You Said to Your Child That You NEVER Thought You Would?

There are some parts of motherhood and raising children that you can’t really prepare for. Yes, the books help and talking to our friends who are already raising kids helps. Until you are a parent there are some things you just won’t believe.

Early in my Mom-years, my dad told me to “wait for the day when you find your kid playing in his own poop.” I was mortified and all like, “yeah.. right. My kid won’t do that”.

Not more then two years later — after nap time I found exactly that. My kid was playing in their own poop — not phased at all. I remember saying “No you can not play in your own poop” and immediately thought back to my Dad.

I wondered what other weird things were going to come out of my mouth raising my children. Granted that was one I should have been prepared for — I was warned, but I was still shocked. I then asked around to my friends if they have ever had to say something weird to their kids? What shocked them that they had to say they never thought they would.

Click through to read the parents dish — what they have said they never thought they would:

  • Feet Down 1 of 10
    Feet Down
    "Get your foot out of the toilet." - Momma on the Rocks
    Image: photostock
  • Playing With Your … Food? 2 of 10
    Playing With Your ... Food?
    "Please DO NOT stick your fork in that poop." - Jennifer
    Image: photostock
  • Free as a Bird 3 of 10
    Free as a Bird
    "You CANNOT get naked in the grocery store." - Kacie
    Image: photostock
  • Doesn’t Go There 4 of 10
    Doesn't Go There
    "We do NOT put the kitty in our mouth!" - Mama Strick
    Image: photostock
  • Brothers Being Brothers 5 of 10
    Brothers Being Brothers
    "Stop opening the toilet so your brother can play in it or I'm taking away your cement mixer." - Molly
    Image: Flickr
  • Thanks For Trying To Help… 6 of 10
    Thanks For Trying To Help...
    "No you may not wipe mommy, I will wipe myself." - Lindsey
    Image: photostock
  • Oh… No.. That’s Not… 7 of 10
    Oh... No.. That's Not...
    "Pooh is not playdoh!" - Jessi
    Image: photostock
  • Interesting Dinner Choice 8 of 10
    Interesting Dinner Choice
    "Don't eat your Brother!" - Tanya
    Image: photostock
  • Poor Dog. 9 of 10
    Poor Dog.
    "Please leave the dogs butthole alone for at least 20 minutes!" - Brandee
    Image: photostock
  • Poor Mom. 10 of 10
    Poor Mom.
    "Boogers don't go on the wall!" - Kelli
    Image: photostock

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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