What is Your Policy on Sleepovers?

As a mom to 4 kids ages 5 through 15, my “sleepover policy” is still evolving. Generally we don’t allow our kids to participate in sleep overs but exceptions pop up here and there: What about camp outs? What about cousins?

I have great memories of practically living at my friends’ houses when I was a kid. Sleepovers were a HUGE component of friendship—especially during the summer. But as a mom I just don’t want to deal with the dangers, worries, and inconveniences of sleepovers. Kids are so grumpy after a sleepover because, of course, they don’t sleep enough at said “sleep”over. I’m kind of a freak about getting enough sleep for myself and for my kids. It seems to effect their behavior more than anything else.

Besides the grouchy fall out, kids are so vulnerable when they sleep. I don’t want them to see or hear anything weird, scary, or confusing while sleeping at a friend’s house. And I don’t want anything at my house to scandalize my kids’ friends, so I don’t let them sleep here.

One time during a rare visit to my dad’s house I got up in the middle of the night for a drink of water. In the dark shadows I saw my step mom and I swear she was pure nude! Hey, that’s her prerogative. But I’m not going to lie to you by saying it didn’t scar me for life. BECAUSE IT DID.

So, no. I don’t want any large, hairy, lurking images lingering in my kids’ minds from childhood if I can help it.

Also, kids don’t have the best judgment at 1am. That’s usually when you start trying to hypnotize your friends or dare them to drink toilet water or (Heaven forbid!) summon Bloody Mary.

A “late night” with friends usually gets the job done. I know my kids are  missing out on some of the fun, but they’ll get over it. (Unlike me. See above.)

I really welcome your input on this topic so let me know in the comments: What is your policy on sleepovers?


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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