What Kind of Carpet Should I Get

Oh, friend. Some weeks you cruise on through like a boss.

And some weeks your dryer breaks, your washer floods, your carpet soaks, and your floor boards swell.

Long story short: I’m getting new carpet. So. What should I get? Remember, I have 2 cats, a dog, and 4 kids who play in ponds, rivers, and beaver dams daily. Here’s what I’m considering. Please weigh in if you have advice, regrets, or tips.

I am really liking the light-colored samples I’m bringing home. Home Depot has been great. They talked to me about Stainmaster carpet. I WANT. I watched this video about the Martha Stewert carpet. I did an experiment at home–poured brown soda on the carpet sample and blotted it up with a paper towel. It works. Do I dare get light carpet, even if it’s stain resistant?

Next, I really like the loop carpet. This is my favorite. Supposedly it’s really durable. Will I miss my plush cut pile? I’m having major commitment issues with carpet. I’m thinking about the loop carpet downstairs in the living room and on the stairs and a plusher cut pile in the bedrooms.

And finally, I’m wondering about quality. I want to get the best I can afford. There is a premium carpet within my budget that comes with a 25 year guarantee. Do I want that? Or should I spend less and plan on replacing my carpet sooner. Because styles change and I might get sick of it?

I really love all the options and varieties. But at some point I have to stop looking at samples and researching and just order the dang carpet. It’s a big investment! In the mean time, however, we’re living with exposed tacking strips–Not exactly kid friendly.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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