What New Year’s Eve Looks Like When You’re a Parent

What New Year's Eve Looks Like When You're a ParentNow with Christmas behind us, we can all start planning for the next big holiday just around the corner.

New Years!

When I was a little younger, this was one of the best nights of the whole year. Parties, music, and friends to ring the new year in with was always so much fun. A good excuse to get a little tipsy and hang out with the people who mean the most to you. Nursing your hangover the next morning with Tylenol and lots of water was always part of the deal too.

This year, I am not going out or really doing much special. For me some things changed when I became a parent that either made it very difficult to keep the yearly NYE plans or I’ve just realized some things are not worth it. I am not really missing out on things and it’s not necessarily bad, but it certainly is different.

  • Forced to Stay In 1 of 6
    Forced to Stay In
    You want to go out to get away from the kids, but finding a babysitter is impossible so you stay in.
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  • Party Guests 2 of 6
    Party Guests
    Since you can't go out, your party guests become your kids. You would plan a fun kid-party, but browsing Pinterest for ideas gives you anxiety.
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  • Loud Becomes Quiet 3 of 6
    Loud Becomes Quiet
    Instead of a fun music-filled evening, you're on the couch watching a movie with the volume so low -- you don't want to wake the kids.
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  • Midnight Kiss 4 of 6
    Midnight Kiss
    If you're lucky to make it to midnight, you don't kiss your partner you sneak into your kids room to give them a kiss.
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  • Replaced Drunk Stumble 5 of 6
    Replaced Drunk Stumble
    The 3am drunk-stumble is replaced with the 3am over-tired stumble to tuck your kid back into bed.
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  • Next Morning is Great 6 of 6
    Next Morning is Great
    You don't have that terrible too-much-partying hangover the next day.
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Do you have any plans this year? How will they differ than before you had kids?

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