What Single Parents Want You to Know

God bless the single parent. I mean, really.

Single parents have made brave choices for the betterment of their families. They understand the true meaning of sacrifice and hard work for a greater purpose.

Caring for children on your own has to be one of the greatest parenting challenges out there. Of all the times I’ve felt alone on this parenting journey, I wasn’t. I’ve been fortunate to have someone to dump the load on when the going got tough. Doing it on your own takes a level of strength and courage too often misunderstood.

I invited the single parents of social media to share the things they wanted people to know about single parenthood. Take a look at what they had to say after the jump.

  • Moms can raise sons to be men 1 of 19
    Moms can raise sons to be men
    You better believe a mom can raise her son to be a strong man who respects women.
    -Submitted by Shantelle
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  • Having a spouse who works a lot… 2 of 19
    Having a spouse who works a lot... not the same as being a single parent. Not even close.
    -Submitted by Heather
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  • Don’t talk crap about my child’s father 3 of 19
    Don't talk crap about my child's father
    It doesn't matter the kind of man he is or what he's done (or not done). Allow me to share the truth with my child in my own time, my way.
    -Submitted by Winnie
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  • We made the right decision 4 of 19
    We made the right decision
    Even through the hard times we can look back on the choices we made with confidence. Taking control of our family's happiness is worthy of your support.
    -Submitted by Amber
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  • It’s hard but not impossible 5 of 19
    It's hard but not impossible
    While single parenthood is hard, an unhappy family life is much, much harder.
    -Submitted by Claire
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  • Stop trying to set us up 6 of 19
    Stop trying to set us up
    Just because we're single, it doesn't mean we're looking. When we're ready to date, we'll let you know...or not.
    -Submitted by Janice
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  • We’re going to be OK 7 of 19
    We're going to be OK
    Don't pity us or worry about us; be there for us.
    -Submitted by Shala
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  • Help is always appreciated 8 of 19
    Help is always appreciated
    Some of us aren't good at asking for help, even when we need it. If you want to help, please do. We'll love you for it.
    -Submitted by Christine
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  • Sometimes we worry we won’t be enough 9 of 19
    Sometimes we worry we won't be enough
    In our quietest moments we sometimes fear that we won't be enough for our children. Thank goodness the proud moments chase away those fears.
    -Submitted by Crystal
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  • We need our friends 10 of 19
    We need our friends
    We need your love and support more than ever.
    -Submitted by Jade
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  • Not every bad behavior is a result… 11 of 19
    Not every bad behavior is a result...
    ...of my child having a single parent. Kids are kids; they screw up sometimes. Assuming my child is acting out because they don't live in a two parent household is just plain silly.
    -Submitted by Eric
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  • We’re a team 12 of 19
    We're a team
    My child and I have a special bond others may not be able to understand. We've adapted and grown together through single parenthood.
    -Submitted by Laura
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  • Dads can raise daughters to be women 13 of 19
    Dads can raise daughters to be women
    A dad may not know what it's like to have a period but he knows how to love his daughter and teach her to respect herself.
    -Submitted by Eddie
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  • Kind words go far 14 of 19
    Kind words go far
    To know we're trying our best and yielding amazing results means so much.
    -Submitted by Tina
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  • We still believe in love 15 of 19
    We still believe in love
    Most single parents aren't bitter towards love or marriage. If anything, we believe love isn't meant to be compromised.
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  • Not all single parents are on government assistance 16 of 19
    Not all single parents are on government assistance
    If you only knew how many people assumed we were.
    -Submitted by Leanne
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  • We’re stronger than you know 17 of 19
    We're stronger than you know
    Never underestimate the power of a single parent. Never.
    -Submitted by Becky
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  • We have a happy home 18 of 19
    We have a happy home
    It may be hard for a two parent family to understand, but we've found our groove. Happy apart is better than miserable together.
    -Submitted by Jen
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  • There are good days and bad days 19 of 19
    There are good days and bad days
    No, we're not sad all the time. We're not happy all the time either (and neither are you). Single parenthood has its ups and downs just as in a traditional two parent family.
    -Submitted by Shana
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Are you a single parent with something to add?

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