What Three Amusement Parks in Three Consecutive Days Looks Like

Yes, you read the title right.

Last week my family and I embarked on an amusement park world tour because we’re crazy like that. We hit up Sea Word on Tuesday, Legoland on Wednesday, and Disneyland on Thursday. Friday we died of exhaustion.

As fun as theme parking is, we had our challenges. Sea World Tuesday was met with a barfing BooBoo who managed to throw up no less than three times for some inexplicable reason but aside from that, he had the time of his young life.

Legoland Wednesday was better for all of us. The vomit bug passed and the weather was breezy wonderful in beautiful Carlsbad, CA.

Disneyland Thursday was a blast. Despite being incredibly exhausted and totally cash poor, we spent nine amazing hours at The Happiest Place on Earth. It was BooBoo’s first trip to Disneyland and with the new Verizon Disney Magic app (post forthcoming), it was truly the best Disney adventure I’ve ever had (and I’ve had some great ones).

Rather than bore you with all the deets, I’d rather share my pictures!

  • Beautiful San Diego 1 of 26
    Beautiful San Diego
    Fun in the sun at Sea World!
  • Shamu rocks! 2 of 26
    Shamu rocks!
    Seriously, the One Ocean show at Sea World is worth the entire price of admission.
  • Dizzy spinner 3 of 26
    Dizzy spinner
    After puking three times, BooBoo was ready to tempt his tummy fate on the spinning ride. Thankfully everything stayed down.
  • Fadorable 4 of 26
    In Sea World's Seasame Street play area with the fadorable Boy Wonder.
  • Well deserved 5 of 26
    Well deserved
    After a long day at Sea World and wicked shoulder sunburn, I drowned my exhaustion in a delish margarita.
  • Legoland! 6 of 26
    Dino Island was big fun for my little Lego fans.
  • Family time 7 of 26
    Family time
    Thirty seconds after this picture was taken BooBoo had a theme park meltdown. Just one of about a billion I saw from kids of all ages that day.
  • Volvo Junior Driving School 8 of 26
    Volvo Junior Driving School
    BooBoo earned his Legoland driver's license in Fun Town!
  • A tasty meal 9 of 26
    A tasty meal
    Nom nom nom!
  • Battling Darth Maul 10 of 26
    Battling Darth Maul
    Hello, he's made out of Legos! Amazing!
  • Einstein 11 of 26
    I've got a couple of thinkers.
  • Taking a rest 12 of 26
    Taking a rest
    Two days into our amusement park tour and we were tired!
  • Marilyn 13 of 26
    I unleashed my inner bombshell.
  • Just through the Disneyland gates 14 of 26
    Just through the Disneyland gates
    This is as put together as we'll look all day. Let the fun begin!
  • Showing off my new dress 15 of 26
    Showing off my new dress
    I know this picture isn't interesting, but look at my new jersey dress from the Gap Outlet making it's Disney debut!
  • Height restriction woes 16 of 26
    Height restriction woes
    Boy Wonder raced off for Space Mountain leaving BooBoo super sad for being small.
  • Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blaster 17 of 26
    Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blaster
    Soon enough BooBoo was helping Buzz out by defeating Zurg!
  • Sword and the Stone 18 of 26
    Sword and the Stone
    Try as they might, neither young wizard had the power that day.
  • BooBoo took this 19 of 26
    BooBoo took this
    I think I have I might have a budding photographer! BooBoo took this shot of me and the hubs with his big DLSR.
  • The Jungle Cruise 20 of 26
    The Jungle Cruise
    Corny jokes, fake animals, and loads of fun!
  • New Orleans Square 21 of 26
    New Orleans Square
    A shot of the boys at one of my absolute favorite Disneyland spots.
  • Hot day 22 of 26
    Hot day
    This is me carrying both kids' drinks and souvenir bags on the hottest day of the year.
  • Autotopia 23 of 26
    Shh! Don't tell, but I'd trust BooBoo behind the wheel before I ever get into a car with Boy Wonder driving again!
  • The Haunted Mansion 24 of 26
    The Haunted Mansion
    As fun and scary as I remember!
  • Family shot 25 of 26
    Family shot
    Don't you hate it when your arm is taking the picture and your face ends up looking twice the size of everyone else's?
  • Fantasyland fun 26 of 26
    Fantasyland fun
    Fun photo op!

What’s your family’s favorite amusement park?

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