What To Do With Your Kids’ School Art? Artkive It

What to do with all your kids' art? Artkive it!The end of the school season has arrived and with it binders of posters, pictures, and scraps of paper your kids call ‘art’.

The Babble team have come up with many creative ways to display your kids’ art in the past, check them out here and here and here, but while I may hang a few pictures on the fridge throughout the year, most of it ends up in the garbage. BUT … not before I Artkive it.

Artkive is a fabulous app [iOS and Android] that lets you archive your kid’s art. You take pictures of the posters and pieces, and they are saved within the app. They are sorted by child and year and grade. You can add notes about what the piece is called, and you can securely share the photos with friends and family.

Jedd Gold is the co-founder of Artkive, and admits that while many parents may take pictures of their kids’ art throughout the year, the intentioned book, or sorting of the projects seem to fall aside. In fact, the genesis of the idea came from watching his own wife take pictures of their kids’ art only to see the images sit in random folders.

I thought I could make her life easier by creating an app that would do almost all the work for her

She never actually made the book she had planned to make because the pictures were all out of order and she didn’t have the time to spend sorting it all out and making a book,” he told me. “I thought I could make her life easier by creating an app that would do almost all the work for her and I figured if she was struggling with this, even with her best of intentions, then there must be a ton of other moms in the same boat.”

“On any mom’s phone, you might find pictures of her kids, a recent soccer game or dance recital, pictures of the family pet, girls night out, a great dish she ordered at a restaurant, etc. The mere quantity of images sort of devalues them all. There are a lot of companies trying to solve this problem. We looked at this one vertical of kids’ art/school work which we KNOW parent’s value and thought “why don’t we take these out of the mix of all their other images and create a ‘virtual safety deposit box’ where they are stored in a completely tagged and organized way.”

Artkive App ScreenshotWhen you use the Artkive app to take a picture of your kids’ art, the photo goes to your camera roll, but it also stays within the app. It is now sorted, organized, and kept separate from the rest of the images on the phone. You can use one app for multiple children, and the app grows as they grow. Simply select the child, the year, the grade, and then tag the image with a quote from your child when they made the picture. Maybe it’s the title, the story, what have you.

Then, at the end of the year, you can have Artkive publish a book of all the projects from that year, or print your favorite piece on a coffee mug. Think that guide from the Guggenheim was good? Wait until the curator gets a load of these masterpieces.

The best part about Artkiving the kids projects is the lack of clutter. Yes, I will save a select 2 or 3 original pieces from each year in a big artist portfolio, but with photos of each piece and quotes from the artist as they were made, I can safely save the memories without a big collection of sparkled macaroni cluttering up the crawl space.

How do you save your kid’s art projects?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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