What Working Moms Want You to Know

Before I officially delve into the heart of this post, allow me to make one thing very clear: All moms are working moms.

I had always been a work-outside-the-home mom, and until four months ago I was a mom who worked a stressful male-dominated corporate job with a hellish commute and two kids in daycare. It was hard; so, so hard. I had my fill of insensitive moms who made me doubt myself and my parenting decisions. I had my moments of bitterness and frustration, but through it all I realized one thing: Moms do what they have to do.

All moms deserve a voice and this post is dedicated to the work-outside-the-home-mamas who have something to say.

  • We’re dedicated 1 of 19
    We're dedicated
    "Working moms are just as dedicated to being a mom."
    @hannemaniacs via Twitter Hannemaniacs

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  • We put in our time 2 of 19
    We put in our time
    "We always put in our time, maybe not in normal office hours, but we get our work done. Mommy or Work or Personal - guilt is often palpable and can be very draining."
    @PchopCoop via Twitter

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  • I’m a better mom for it 3 of 19
    I'm a better mom for it
    "Having that connection to the outside world and confidence in accomplishment - makes me a better mom."
    @AutumnPenaloza via Twitter Mommy Rock Out

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  • We want to be included 4 of 19
    We want to be included
    "We want to be included in the birthday parties & get togethers as much as possible even if we can't make weekday events; keep inviting us!"
    @BusylandB via Twitter Busyland.

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  • We’re flexible 5 of 19
    We're flexible
    "Don't dismiss our availability or at least our child's even if it is btwn 9&5. Flex time is made for that reason."
    @PlaydayFriday via Twitter

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  • My working teaches valuable lessons 6 of 19
    My working teaches valuable lessons
    "Having my son know that he isn't always the center of attention has actually been a real positive. I still love him with all my heart but it's good for him to know Mom has other priorities too."
    via Veronica

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  • We’re raising our kids 7 of 19
    We're raising our kids
    "That we are not neglecting our kids by working. We ARE raising our kids not the nannies or daycare."
    @uptight_mama via Twitter Confessions of an Uptight Mama

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  • We are focused on our family 8 of 19
    We are focused on our family
    "Work is a priority but my family will ALWAYS come first."
    @RebeccaMsMingle via Twitter

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  • We have other callings 9 of 19
    We have other callings
    "I went to school for a long time to be a doctor to help people. I believe helping others and having my daughter grow to know that I help others is a powerful thing. Honey, Mommy loves you but she loves honoring her calling too."
    via Dr. Rae

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  • We’re in the majority 10 of 19
    We're in the majority
    "We're in the majority. According to a 2008 census report, 75% of married women with children worked outside the house."
    via Mary Clip Clop Mama

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  • We wonder sometimes 11 of 19
    We wonder sometimes
    "That we do sometimes wonder if we made the right decision to continue working. (Or at least I do.)"
    @Momdeplume via Twitter Mom de Plume

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  • We’re thinking about our child 12 of 19
    We're thinking about our child
    "That just because kids are in daycare doesn't mean we are letting other people raise our kids!! I am still the MOM!!! Another thing....even when I am at work stressed and focused on a task, my child is still the #1 thought in my head!"
    @sisforsupermom via Twitter S is for Supermom

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  • We just do it 13 of 19
    We just do it
    "I want them to know I don't know how I do it all either. I just do & asking me that is not a compliment!"
    @GuiltChronicles via Twitter The Guilt Chronicles

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  • We’re supernatural 14 of 19
    We're supernatural
    "Working Moms are proof there are supernatural beings with supernatural powers."
    @GothicGlass via Twitter Gothic Glass Studio

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  • We don’t want sympathy 15 of 19
    We don't want sympathy
    "I don't want SAHMs to feel sorry for me, and I do want to still be invited to happy hour by co-workers!"
    via Ladera Mom

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  • We’re fulfilled 16 of 19
    We're fulfilled
    "Creating delicious food is my way of making other moms (including myself) happy. I'll never feel guilty about that."
    via Kellie

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  • We’re sleepy 17 of 19
    We're sleepy
    "All moms are working moms. I am employed outside of being a mom and thus work two jobs. Mostly, I'm sleepy."
    @caitfem via Twitter Many Hats, Many Words.

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  • We’re dealing with enough 18 of 19
    We're dealing with enough
    "That it's freaking hard and we (like every other mom) feel enough imagined guilt without strangers adding to it."
    @NearNormalcy via Twitter Near Normalcy

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  • We’re doing what’s best for us 19 of 19
    We're doing what's best for us
    "That the decision we made was not just financial but what we felt was the best for our family as a whole."
    @Banandrea via Twitter

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