What Your Kid’s Favorite Class Says About Him

I’m fascinated by the minds of my offspring. From the time they were wee things, their unique personality traits seemed larger than life.

To this day I often wonder stuff like:

What kind of people will my kids become?

How will they perform in school?

Will my eldest be able to make a living as a brooding introvert?

Will my youngest land a career in cage fighting?

As a kid I was a total word nerd who loved English in school. Whaddaya know, today I’m a blogger addicted to run-on sentences. It came as no surprise when Boy Wonder declared art was his favorite subject, with his perfectionist tendencies and continual outpouring of human emotion. I just have to wonder with BooBoo starting Kindergarten in the fall, what will my spirited wild one’s favorite subject be?

Let’s take a look-see at what your kid’s favorite class might say about his personality.

  • Favorite subject: Mathematics 1 of 9
    What it says about your child: You can expect your math-minded child to enjoy proving you and others wrong with their love of absolutes and problem solving ability. With all that left-brain potential, your child is likely to excel in music and science as well. Start saving for that Ivy League education, Mom and Dad!
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  • Favorite subject: Lunch 2 of 9
    What it says about your child: OK, so lunch isn't a subject, but the delicious opportunity to grub and chat with friends is your child's favorite time of day. Your social butterfly is a master conversationalist with their ability to listen and engage.
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  • Favorite subject: Music 3 of 9
    What it says about your child: Your inspired child appreciates the joining of creative and logical forces into perfect harmony. While hearing your child practice "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" on the recorder is enough any parent poke out their eardrums, just know your child's love of music is correlated with higher academic performance. Consider introducing your child to a variety of musical genres and instruments that you can both enjoy together.
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  • Favorite subject: Social Studies 4 of 9
    What it says about your child: Your globally conscious child has a unique interest in history, travel, and culture that might one day make them a Jeopardy champion. Chances are your child is a humanitarian at heart with a sensitive temperament and insatiable curiosity.
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  • Favorite subject: English 5 of 9
    What it says about your child: Your right-brained child's appreciation for storytelling indicates a bold heart and an overactive imagination. Be sure to save every last intuitive, thoughtful, and creative story your child writes to one day capture the literary tale of their youth; they'll thank you for it.
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  • Favorite subject: P.E. 6 of 9
    What it says about your child: Your physically active child possesses leadership potential with a competitive edge. Real-life lessons in sportsmanship and team building have made your child an excellent motivator and master strategist. Parents, I have one word for you: Scholarship!
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  • Favorite subject: Science 7 of 9
    What it says about your child: Your logical, analytical, and objective child thrives on understanding the principles behind everyday life. It's only a matter of time until your child outsmarts you with their knowledge of how things work.
    What's in store for your little scientist? Perhaps one of these Top 10 Jobs in Science.

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  • Favorite subject: Reading 8 of 9
    What it says about your child: Your inquisitive child can often be found daydreaming about the imaginary worlds books have taken them. Encourage your child's adventurous and creative spirit with your own love of reading for a gift to last a lifetime.
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  • Favorite subject: Art 9 of 9
    What it says about your child: Your sensitive child is likely emotionally driven and able to find beauty in the most unlikely places. Clear those walls Mom and Dad, your budding artist is hard at work creating masterpieces worth showcasing by the dozen.
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What is your child’s favorite subject in school?


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