What Your Toy Organization Says About You

If you live in a house with kids I am sure you have had this frustration before – what to do with all the crap your kid accumulates? Never more pronounced then after the holidays where the kids get even more stuff – the “how do I organize all this” freak-out begins and we come up with how best to organize our stuff.

I believe we can tell a lot about people by looking at the simple things in life. You can spot an overtired, overworked mom with a newborn. You can spot the mom who likes to have things done a certain way. It’s what makes life fun and interesting.

I believe you can tell a lot about someone’s life by the way they organize. How much time they have, parenting philosophies and what their interests and skills are.  Here’s what I believe our toy organization says about us …

  • Organization: Alphabetized 1 of 10
    Organization: Alphabetized
    What it says about you: You were a straight A student all through school and now that you are a stay at home parent you like to keep your mind sharp by neatly filing away the Barbies after the Airplanes.
    Image: J Murawski
  • Organization: Chaos 2 of 10
    Organization: Chaos
    What it says about you: You likely have more then 2 kids and they are close together in age. Sleep deprived with better things to do - organizing the crap your kids collect is the bottom of your worry list.
    Image: Evelynishere
  • Organization: Bare Bones 3 of 10
    Organization: Bare Bones
    What it says about you: You are more the outdoorsy-type who prefers to play with natures toys keeping the ones at home very minimum.
    Image: Mother Scratcher
  • Organization: Do. Not. Touch. 4 of 10
    Organization: Do. Not. Touch.
    What it says about you: Perhaps kind of a germaphobe you like to keep the toys locked behind plastic or glass in order to keep the germs out.
    Image: Kodomutt
  • Organization: Where Ever Kid is … 5 of 10
    Organization: Where Ever Kid is ...
    What it says about you: You don't ever want your kid to get bored. You don't have a lot of toys but you have all their favorites. Keep it simple is your motto.
    Image: The Human Aught
  • Organization: It All Has a Theme 6 of 10
    Organization: It All Has a Theme
    What it says about you: Not only have you nailed the organization, but it's all kept to its own neat room tied together with some adorable theme. You are a mom who has a lot of time on your hands and likes it that way.
    Image: Juhansonin
  • Organization: Toys are NOT Toys 7 of 10
    Organization: Toys are NOT Toys
    What it says about you: You are probably in the money business - an accountant or banker you are always looking for how to save for the future. Your toys have their own storage room, never to be opened and always under lock and key.
    Image: TMray02
  • Organization: Bins 8 of 10
    Organization: Bins
    What it says about you: You like things to be off the floor. Perhaps you are a bit clumsy and accident prone like me so you're strict about stuff being put away. But you are very busy and these open bins let you just throw the toys in. No organization but your feet are safe.
    Image: Terwilliger911
  • Organization: Organize What? 9 of 10
    Organization: Organize What?
    What it says about you: You and your kid go everywhere together - no matter where you are. You are used to always having your kid by your side and you see no need to have separate shelves for your stuff and theirs.
    Image: Fynes
  • Organization: Everything in it’s Own Neat Box 10 of 10
    Organization: Everything in it's Own Neat Box
    What it says about you: You very strongly believe everything has it's place. You live best under known rules and guidelines you don't like to step outside the box.
    Image: Green Faerie Tree

:: What kind of organization do you have in the house for your kid stuff? ::

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