What’s For Lunch, Kiddo

JD goes to a private school that offers freshly-made pizza twice a week for lunch. I always take advantage of this—we are pizza lovers and it’s healthy!

On the days I pack his lunch I try to keep things fun and different. Honestly, I aim to pack food, my kid likes. I can coax meatloaf at home, but prefer to serve up food he will eat without resistance when I’m not around. It’s also my goal to always pack steamed or raw, veggies and fruits + a treat like a cookie or all-natural fruit snacks.

Here are 7 lunches my little boy loves. Maybe they will inspire what you pack next! Bon Appetite!

  • Will Always Eat, Phew 1 of 7
    Will Always Eat, Phew
    When all else fails, JD will eat Tyson all-white meat, no preservatives dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets. I pair this with "trees" (steamed broccoli) and a few tater tots (Target's Market Pantry brand has star-shaped ones he loves!) I am not compensated to mention Tyson or Target. JD prefers the brands.
    Photo Credit: Tyson Food Service
  • Fun Food 2 of 7
    Fun Food
    Over the holidays I realized how much my son loves pigs-in-a-blanket. Then it occurred to me they are a cute and yummy lunch. To keep it healthy I add "Carrot Fries." These are plain old steamed baby carrots, but sliced into thin sticks. Throw in a string cheese and my kid is golden!
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  • Classic Go-To 3 of 7
    Classic Go-To
    Hooray! My kid loves sandies! His fave is Boar's Head turkey and yellow American—no dressing. I add a side of cherry tomatoes and baked chips. I am not compensated to mention Boar's head. JD's mom is a turkey snob.
    Photo Credit: For Love of Food
  • Breakfast for Lunch 4 of 7
    Breakfast for Lunch
    JD gets a kick out of breakfast for dinner, so one day I packed pancakes, a side of berries and little carton of OJ. He gobbled it up and talked about it for days!
    Photo Credit: eHOW
  • Leftovers 5 of 7
    We don't throw food out in my house and luckily my kid loves leftovers. Today he's feasting on homemade spaghetti and meatballs I served two nights ago. Yum!
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  • Buttered Up! 6 of 7
    Buttered Up!
    JD loves mini whole wheat bagels with a smear of butter. I send apple slices and a small container of edemame, too. I am not compensated to mention Thomas. They are just soft and chewy and the perfect size for his hands.
    Photo Credit: She Scribes
  • Fiesta, Baby! 7 of 7
    Fiesta, Baby!
    This is another leftover option that just works. Rice and beans, with a side of sliced fresh, crisp red peppers and chips + mild salsa.
    Photo Credit: Thyme For Cooking, the blog ... and life in France

Pretty please tell me what you pack your kiddo for lunch. So curious! XO

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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