What’s For Snack, Kiddo?

A few days ago I blogged about some healthful lunch choices JD loves. I got some great feedback (thank you!) and many parents wondered what he likes for snack. So, I asked him to name his favorite snacks. Behold.

  • Fruit juice 1 of 9
    Fruit juice
    *Cringe* my kid drinks juice. I prefer Mott's Tots because it's a reduced sugar brand. He also loves milk, OJ and lemonade, but, grrr ... he's not a water fan. Gotta work on that.
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  • Fresh fruit 2 of 9
    Fresh fruit
    An apple a day keeps the doctor away! JD loves green apples. I slice up half for him and take the other half to work. Sharing is caring.
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  • Perfect size snack 3 of 9
    Perfect size snack
    I don't count calories when it comes to my kid's diet—in fact the kid could stand to gain a few pounds. However, I do count money which is why I love 100 cal packs of Goldfish. They are the perfect serving size for my kid's appetite. No waste, just taste 🙂
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  • Fun food 4 of 9
    Fun food
    Sugary fruit snacks don't do it for me, but I also don't want to prohibit fun food especially since I indulged in fruit roll-ups as a kiddo. These fruit snacks come in a reduced sugar option and boast 100% Vitamin C.
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  • Better than balls 5 of 9
    Better than balls
    Classic cheese balls and other cheesy, salty snacks are filled with fat. Yuck! We both love Quaker Popped Cheddar Cheese snacks. The first ingredient is whole grain and there's only 45 calories from fat per serving.
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  • Yummy Yogurt 6 of 9
    Yummy Yogurt
    JD loves Yoplait Kids yogurt! His fave flavor is Mickey Mouse clubhouse strawberry-banana. It's an excellent source of vitamin D with no high fructose corn syrup.
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  • Healthful Dips 7 of 9
    Healthful Dips
    When JD was a baby, he ate mashed up avocados like they were going out of style. It's no surprise my boy loves guacamole via chip—or spoon! LOL!
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  • Veggies 8 of 9
    JD will eat a crate of cherry tomatoes like they're a bowl of sweet grapes. The chubby red balls are filled vitamin C, fiber and have high water content. And even though I slather JD with sunblock, tomatoes' lycopene makes skin less sensitive to UV light damage. Yummy!
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  • Cheese Please 9 of 9
    Cheese Please
    I live with a mouse! My kiddo loves plain ole slices of deli style American cheese. (Me too!)
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Pretty please tell me what your kid likes for snack. So curious! XO

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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