What’s in My Kid’s Soccer Bag?


Soccer season is here! That wonderful time of year when we soccer moms drive our minivans proudly with a trunk full of soccer balls bouncing around in the back. We live for drinking coffee on the sidelines in our yoga pants and cheering on our kids proudly as they run around the field learning important life lessons from playing on a team. Lessons like selflessness, trust, sharing, working hard, helping others, and responsibility.

Responsibility is a big one for us. It may be something small for now, but I believe the small jobs our kids take seriously now help them with the bigger jobs later on in life. Showing up each week for practice and being their best for their teammates during a game, that leads up to work experience later. And responsibility for packing their own soccer bag … well, we are still working on that one.

I took a quick peek in my kid’s soccer bag this week to see how she was doing, and this is what I found:

Water Bottles

One to dump on her head, and one to drink. Check.


Something to change into for after the game. Good, good.


And snack bag wrappers. She knows what she likes and loves to grab her favorite snack! Combine that with the half-time orange slices and bananas, and we have the trifecta of soccer meals.

Dirty socks

The smell, the smell!!! Mine nose dost burneth. We might need to work on getting her to put her dirty clothes in the laundry. Oy vey.

Opened Bottle of Sunscreen

How long has that been in there? Do these things have an expiration date?

Pokemon Cards

Because we all know kids are placing bets and trading cards on the sidelines of every game.

Ear Buds

Not that she listens to music on her own yet, but I guess you never know when you will need a pair of headphones in life. Seriously, where did she get these things?!

Hair Ties

What is it about hair ties? No matter how many I buy, they always disappear.

Picture of Her Sister

Not gonna lie, that kind of made my heart melt to see it in there. But it does make me wonder, did she actually pack it or did her sister throw it in when she wasn’t looking?!


We have moved on from character band-aids that make boo-boos all better; these are the real deal, folks. Thankfully, we have yet to use them. But I have seen a soccer ball kicked in the face once or twice. Ouch.


They are an obnoxious fluorescent-orange color that she picked out … and LOVES.

The verdict: job well done! While I might need to work with her on laundry and throwing away old wrappers, she had all of the essentials for a happy and healthy soccer practice.

As mothers, there comes a time when we need to be able to take a step back and know that we have taught our kids how to take care of themselves. Small steps along the way, such as being responsible for something like a soccer bag, help aid in this process of allowing our little ones to grow into capable adults.

My daughter is on her way. I am pretty proud of my little athlete.

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