What's in my Travel / Theme Park Backpack?

I have been at Disney for the past week and we still have a few more days left to go.

Several times during the past few days, people have asked me what is in my backpack that I bring with me to the park. I try to pack as much as I can with as little weight as possible.

My kids, husband and I all take turns during the day wearing the backpack so keeping it light is key to everyone being able to wear it comfortably.

While this is not completely inclusive (I may have left a few things out), this is generally what I bring with us on each visit:

1. Sunscreen

2. Snacks (things that can not get crushed). Fruit snacks. Granola bars. Apples.

3. Bandaids. Neosporin. Aspirin. Benadryl. Fingernail clippers. Tweezers (we have used these many times for splinters)

4. Cooling gel. Aloe Vera. Moisturizer. Hand lotion

5. Camera. Video camera. Point and shoot.

6. iPhone and charger. This is the best thing ever to use when you have to stand in line. Makes the time go by quickly.

7. Change of shoes.

8. Dry socks for everyone. Change of clothes for the youngest.

9. Brush. Comb. Ponytail holders.

10. Glow sticks. Every kid wants those $20 glow sticks from the park. My kids never ask because I give them these $1 glow sticks before they even ask.

11. A few small gifts related (character items) to the park we are going to that I purchased before hand at Walmart or Target. This saves us lots of money from buying this stuff in the park.

12. Autograph books for each kid.

13. Stickers. These help in case their is a meltdown.

14. Sunglasses for everyone.

15. Reusable and/or Plastic bags for wet clothes, etc.

16. Itinerary of everything we have planned for the next few days including Confirmation #’s and hotel number


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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