What's the Rule with Sorting Lego Sets?

legoLego is about to get serious in our house. Zacharie just turned 5 and every one of his friends brought a box of Lego to the party.

Now comes the big question: how do we sort it?

Meghan wrote a post in the spring about different ways to sort all your pieces in various tables and such, but my question is a little more specific.

Do you keep the sets together or do you mix and match?

When I was a kid, Space Lego was my thing. It was all grey, black, white, and yellow. There were some kits that were purchased, but it all ended up in big ice cream buckets where my brother and I would create for hours every weekend morning.

Now, however, the sets are a little more specific.

You have your Harry Potter Lego, your Toy Story Lego, your Transformers Lego, your Star Wars pieces, your Avengers sets, and on and on and on.

My son has loved building by the book his first firetruck, and soon a helicopter, police car, and motorcycle will join the collection.

When we first started buying him Lego last year, we stuck to the generic buckets of bricks. We would build boats, and towers, and buildings.

These sets, however, are much more detailed and specific.  Each piece is the size of a pinky fingernail, there are stickers, and logos, and hinges, etc.

So what’s the rule? Do you build the piece and then use it as a toy? Or do you open the box, save the instructions, but dump everything into the same imagination filled bucket and let them go crazy? HELP!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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