“When I Was Your Age” .. Explaining Microsoft’s Child Of The 90’s Ad To Your Kids

microsoft child of the 90s adIf you’re in your 30s, and have kids, you’ll want to sit them down for 90 seconds and show them what life was like .. back then.

Microsoft’s new Child Of The 90s ad is heralding the longevity of their browser by summoning 13 items from our youth to try and lure Generation Y back.  While fond memories may work for some advertisers, hailing square discs, and 56k modems as a reason to go back to using an internet browser seems a little misguided.

Regardless of whether or not the ad works to get people to use IE (which I get is the whole point of  it), the ad does a great job and bringing the 90s back.

Scroll through the list below to see all the 90s nostalgia referenced in the ad, and see how many you can confess to having used.

  • 56k Dial-Up Modem 1 of 13
    56k Dial-Up Modem
    This was considered high speed internet back in the day. A series of beeps and static would get you connected to the internet - over the phone line. A 60 megabyte file would take 4-5 hours back then, today you can do it in seconds.
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  • Floppy Disks 2 of 13
    Floppy Disks
    These 3 1/2 inch disks were a marvel. They were protected in a hard coating, and finally they were small enough to be portable. Still, if you were loading a program, or saving a file, you still found yourself popping and swapping disks like crazy. After all, they still only held 1.44 MB of data. (To compare, a 4 gig USB key holds more than 2000 times as much data)
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  • Fanny Pack 3 of 13
    Fanny Pack
    Sure these were trendy in the early 90s, but now they're a sure sign way to give away the fact that you're a tourist.
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  • Bowl Cut 4 of 13
    Bowl Cut
    Devon Sawa. I don't know if he was the first, but his might have been the most famous. The successor of the mullet, this was business at the bottom, party at the top. AKA as curtains, mushroom, or the butt cut.
    Image via YouTube
  • Tamagotchi 5 of 13
    Before there was the constant farm babysitting of Farmville, we were digitally drawn to the small egg shaped keychain in our pocket. Virtual pets needed to be fed, entertained, and fawned over just like real animals. And, just like the real thing, they died if you ignored them too long.
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  • Pogs 6 of 13
    You know how Angry Birds fly through the air at the bad piggies? We used to throw down at stacks of discs in the same way. It was serious when you played Pogs for keeps, and you held your breath hoping your favorite wouldn't land face up.
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  • Chain Wallet 7 of 13
    Chain Wallet
    The 90s is when the really really really low jean trend started. You needed something to keep your wallet in your pants when it wasn't tight to your butt.
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  • Walkman 8 of 13
    This is a cassette tape, kids. This is what we used to use when we "taped" something (recording from the radio). The only thing more magical than this bright yellow beauty is the knowing nod you'll give when I remind you about rewinding tapes with a pencil so you didn't waste your batteries.
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  • Lunchables 9 of 13
    If you're a lazy lunch maker, or have picky kids, your group might not need any explanation as to what this little snack tray is all about. Lunchables debuted in the late 80s, and continue today as a conventient fast food for kids.
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  • Reebok Pump 10 of 13
    Reebok Pump
    Sure, Nike had Air Jordans, but Reebok had shoes you actually pumped with air. Slip them on, pump them up so they fit snug, and watch out. Technically, the shoes were a marvel. They were the first to "have an internal inflation mechanism that regulated a unique fitting cushion in two versions: the lower tongue; and also in the upper to provide locking around the ankle."
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  • Hungry Hungry Hippos 11 of 13
    Hungry Hungry Hippos
    This is a 'board game' that has spanned generations. Children have always seemed to play it, my kids have a travel version they love. The best part is the game seems to be more fun (and annoying) the louder you are and the harder you pound on your hippo.
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  • The Oregon Trail 12 of 13
    The Oregon Trail
    Ah, The Oregon Trail, probably your first introduction to gaming on a computer, and it was probably at school. It was a blast, you know, until you died of dysentery.
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  • Trolls 13 of 13
    Even though Troll Dolls were created in the late 50s, they had several trend runs in North America, including a solid run in the 90s. There were video games, tv shows, radio shows, and even a spin-off into the Ninja Turtles.
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