When Kids Find Your $&% Toys

It’s not like we have a Christian Grey red room of pain or anything, but we do have a few — how shall I say — accoutrements for marital recreation. Up until now they’ve had their own little safe place, tucked back far and away from nosy babysitters, poky parents and most of all, our children. I can still remember Addie coming out in a feather-trimmed corset I once wore on Halloween (promise!) asking “HEY MOM! Why don’t you wear THIS more often!?” It’s sort of a rite of passage, finding your parents’ drawer of stuff you wish you could pretend your parents didn’t own. I found my mom’s before I knew what any of it was and slowly over the course of my teenage years I began to realize what each of those medical-looking devices were in her nightstand. One night I made the grave mistake of looking in the wrong drawer for a swimsuit at a family member’s house when SURPRISE!

I’ve never shut a drawer faster.

Yesterday Addie found a little something that hadn’t been put away properly and boy! WAS SHE QUICK TO ASK QUESTIONS!

“MOM? What’s this?” she came out with something purple hanging from her hand.

My husband nearly choked on his own tongue, turned fifty shades of red and had to turn away and choke back tears.

“Cat toy. It’s a cat toy sweetie.” I responded without the slightest break in my composure.

“Oh,” and she walked away.

Cody and I stared at each other with saucers for eyes and silently congratulated each other for making it through that without any additional inquisitions from little miss curious or hysterical snorts of laughter escaping.

Lesson learned: while it’s very important to clean your personal possessions after their use — it’s even more important to put them the heck away.

Have your kids ever found your *ahem* personal effects?

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