When Should Siblings Stop Bathing Together?

My kids have loved taking baths together for years. And honestly, I have never thought twice about it. My kids are nine, seven, and five (in the picture, they are five, three and one).

However, they are getting older, and while my two girls still love bathing together, my son (for a while now at least a year or so) has decided that he likes showers rather than baths. He also likes them more and more by himself although his little sister tries to jump in with him every once in a while.

I said something to my sister the other day about my son taking an exceptionally long shower. Her reply was, “Was he by himself? Did you finally tell them they couldn’t bathe together anymore? I stopped my kids from doing that years ago. I am surprised that it took you this long.”

I was a little surprised but not offended. We have different parenting styles. For our family, we were happy to let them continue until they decided on their own.

Bath times in our house have always been a lot about fun and probably less about getting clean. I still wash my girls hair and have to constantly remind my son to wash his hair.

My kids are not overly aware of their bodies or the differences in their bodies or really even the color of their skin. They haven’t asked a lot of questions but when they have asked about anything, we have been completely honest with them.

They still seem so innocent to me, so I was fine with letting them decide when they wanted to bathe alone or if they want to bathe together. In fact, if they wanted to do it today, I still wouldn’t tell them no.


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