When the Neighbor Kid is a Jerk

Vivi watches with disapproval.

I don’t get it. Perhaps something goes on behind closed doors that I don’t see, I have a hard time believing you’re just a jerk at the tender age of 8. Both of your parents are really nice, the times I’ve had to talk to them about your behavior they’ve seemed really interested and dedicated to making sure you were and always are well behaved. Let’s be honest here, it was from you that my kid learned that “Girls have to take off their clothes to kiss boys” and how to flip the bird. I also looked out the window one day to you pointing a toy gun at her face screaming “GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY OR I’LL SHOOT YOU.”

Look neighborhood kid, I want to give you the benefit of the doubt but the truth is I’d really rather throttle you.

When we drove by last week with our windows open Addie was excited to say hi to you, only problem is that as soon as we got close enough for you to hear her, you pointed a gun at a her and yelled “YOU’RE WEIRD.”

Took all I had not to slam on the brakes, get out of the car and drag you into your mom by the ear. She says she tries really hard to teach you respect, especially towards girls and I sure do hope you’re filing it away somewhere because right now it doesn’t seem to be clicking. There’s not many kids in the neighborhood, you think you’d be a little nicer to those you’ve got instead of hiding behind the bush in your front yard pretending to snipe passing cars and screaming horrible things at my kid. Cody says you’re going to regret being such a little jerk one day when it comes time for prom, I have to believe him.

*sigh* I don’t understand boys.

I’m not going to fight Addie’s battles for her, but I swear, you make my kid cry one more time, throw one more ball at her stomach on purpose or call her derogatory names? Your parents are going to hear from me (again) and this time the benefit of the doubt won’t be in your favor.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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