When to Draw the Line When It Comes to Sexy Clothes & Motherhood

Over the weekend JD and I went shopping … for a dress. I had a date at a jazz club in NYC and wanted to wear something new and black—sexy. I had no one to watch JD and since I was heading out for the evening I wanted to spend time with him, so after soccer, karate and a birthday party, we booked it to Bloomingdale’s.

JD is a sport when he shops with me. He loves riding on the escalator and hanging out in the dressing room with me while I try on clothes. “You look pretty, mommy,” he says—or “maybe you should buy a rainbow dress!”I spied a sleek black dress by French Connection the moment we stepped off the escalator. The back was completely sheer black and there was a strip of sheer black that ran center from the neckline to above the waist. I loved it! I grabbed it and another black dress by Aqua (Ponte with Zipper Shoulders). It was a short, fitted black sheath with gold zipper details at the shoulders with a low, scoop back (LOVE the back).

A salesgirl named Val approached us, told me JD was gorgeous and offered to start a room for me. “I bought this dress for my birthday,” she said of the French Connection number. “It is so cute!” I told her I had a date at a jazz club that evening, but in a low tone so JD couldn’t hear. She wanted to see me in it, so she hung in the wings while JD and I stepped behind the door.

The dress was adorable and sexy. I loved the sheer back. As for the sheer front—OK, my 34A breasts were completely covered and there was no room for slippage, but standing in the room atop the stump and seeing JD’s reflection in the background, I felt funny. I felt too sexy and too naked. Val knocked. “You.Look.Amazing!” she said. “Love it! I’m wearing this exact dress to my … 25th birthday in December.”


“I turn 32 in December,” I said staring at myself in the short, revealing dress. “No way! You look my age!” she said. “I feel like I need to wear a nude bra with this,” I said, “But I’m scared it will show and look weird. “If the front piece wasn’t sheer, I’d rock a black bra. The bra line in the back would look so sexy!” Meanwhile, JD is playing on his iPod, oblivious to this. “Ya know what I’m wearing with this?” Val said. “Pasties!”


“I’ll go grab you some and btw, wear your hair down for extra coverage!” By the time she returned with the pasties, I had slipped into the Aqua dress and fallen in love. It fell just below my collarbone, but the scoop back was sexy, yet in a way it was classic and mature. It was me.


“Knock, knock,” said Val. “Just slap these on your [lowered voice] nipples.” But JD heard her and yelled, “NIPPLES!” and started uncontrollably laughing—deep belly laugh!

Sheer clothing. Pasties. Nipples. Mom. Child. Ahhhh!

I splurged on the Aqua dress. I paired it with a (new) cropped leather jacket, black tights and Cole Haan bootie boots circa 2006 (hey, designer goods LAST).

I couldn’t bring myself to wear pasties and a dress where half my body was exposed. It seemed overkill—but at 25, I would have killed it in that dress.





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Tell me how your look has changed since becoming a mom. Have you toned it down? XO


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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