When You No Longer Need Dibs On Baby Names

baby names list 2013My little sister is pregnant. She’s gone all Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, and Kate and done the trendy thing of having a baby in 2013.

It’s exciting news for us, as the baby of our family will be the last one to offer grandchildren to my parents, and everyone is nothing but thrilled.

As we go around our house looking for hand-me-downs that we no longer need as our boys grow, I discovered something unique to give her after her announcement – my unused baby names.

I didn’t formally announce “dibs” in my circle of friends and family when my wife was pregnant with each of our boys, but the discussion of names comes up and you know that whomever brings it up in discussion first gets it.

After the birth of our second, I quickly saw the scissor doc and got snipped. There will be no Tori Spelling surprises here, and I loved being able to release our unused baby names to my sister (and Kim, and Jessica, and Kate) with hopes she might choose one and welcome a little person with one of our favorite names to the world.

  • Eloise 1 of 9
    My grandmother's names were Elizabeth, and Louise. This elegant name blends them beautifully.

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  • Inès 2 of 9
    It is one of those strange, old-school names that my wife and I (independent of each other) love. When we got pregnant we started suggesting names and this was the first one we agreed on. "Yes!!" was the immediate reaction when she said it. I loved it for the classic Chanel model Inès de la Fressange, she loved it for its simple elegance.

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  • Amélie 3 of 9
    This was going to be our daughter's name. While my wife and I both loved Inès out-of-the-box, if we were to have had a girl, she would have been Amélie. When we were pregnant with our second, we wrote two names in the sand on the shores of Easter Island - Amélie, and Charlie. Amélie is still waiting to join the family.

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  • Asha 4 of 9
    There was some talk of my wife and I adopting. She, herself, is adopted and we briefly looked in to it after the birth of our second son. We talked about adopting a girl from India, and I went as far as to pick the name Asha, which means Hope in Sanskrit, for her. Alas, cost and regulations put the brakes on this idea early on.

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  • de lys 5 of 9
    de lys
    This is the strangest on my list, and the least likely to be used by my sister. I went through a phase where I was obsessed with fleur de lys. The french symbol adorned every little piece of decor in my home from my bed to my dishes. I shortened fleur de lys, to "de lys" and suggested it as a girl name to my wife. She didn't bite, I still think it's an elegant, and unique creation. While I insist on spelling it as two words, with lower case letters, I'm sure Delys would be the version on a birth certificate.

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  • Sébastien 6 of 9
    I love this name so much. I fought for it very hard when Zacharie was born. Sometimes I will still look at him and call him "Sébastien" to see how it fits. It doesn't, but I still love the name.

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  • Thierry 7 of 9
    The next two names go together. When scouring the ranks for French names for my sons (I insisted both their first names be French), I would look through movie, and sports rosters trying to find ideas. Thierry Henry is one of my favorite soccer players, I threw it out there. Shot down. So I tried ...

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  • Henri 8 of 9
    Still no dice. My wife would play all sorts of weird games with names to see how they could be made fun of on the schoolyard, and she didn't like that Henri was Henry which became O Henry, the chocolate bar. She makes wild leaps in logic at times, so this one didn't stand a chance.

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  • François 9 of 9
    "That sounds like a gay French waiter," my wife would say every time I would bring up the name. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but my wife would prefer our sons to be shoe designers should they grow up as friends of Dorothy. 😉

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In the end, I have a Zacharie, and a Charlie (Charles, officially on the birth certificate). Two French-ish names, that totally suit both of my boys. I wouldn’t have it any other way. So, now that I’m snipped, and my sister is enceinte, I set these names free.

What names did you have on your “dibs list” that you didn’t use?

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