Turn Home Videos of Your Kids Into DreamWorks Worthy Masterpieces

I like to kick photos of my kids up a notch. I just learned how to add lightsabers to photos of my sons. When we are out camping, they will stand in what they call “Star Wars pose,” as if they are holding lightsabers. Later, I go back and edit some in. It’s easy, I did a tutorial here.

Lately, we’ve been learning how to do some simple stop-motion animation at the kitchen table. There’s a dead easy app from LEGO to help you do this. All you do is take a picture, move a piece, take a picture, move a piece, and then string them together into one short film clip.  Easy.

My kids think I’m a hero adding lightsabers and bringing their minifigs to life. I thought I was the king, then I saw the collection of movies from Daniel Hashimoto aka Action Movie Kid on YouTube.

Hashimoto is an animator with Dreamworks and has taken his movie magic skills and mixed them with short videos of his son, James.   “I made them mostly because he is really funny and imaginative,” Hashimoto told the NY Daily News. “James doesn’t watch TV or movies very much. We play tons of games with him throughout the day.” 

So with some creativity, a little work experience brought home, and some magic sprinkled in with Adobe AfterEffects you end up with these:

And I thought my lightsaber work was cool?

This is why Action Movie Kid is not allowed to play at the table.

There is an easy iPhone app that lets you do this sort of thing right in your iPhone. It’s called Action Movie FX and it will add missiles, rolling cars, and asteroid explosions to your clips. My kids have loved using it, but it’s nothing compared to what Daniel and James have accomplished.

All this Action Movie stardom has gone to James’ head a little bit. Hashimoto explained to Vice that after seeing the clips, his son remarked,”What if I did that for real-sies, Dad?” 

See more Action Movie Kid on YouTube. They’re awesome.

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via Vice

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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